In the cold of winter youre forever venturing outside wearing several layers, including a big thick winter coat. Add to that a hat and scarf to keep out the wind and youre ready for anything.

But once the weather starts to warm up a little it always feels like its time for a change. Spring is the best time of the year to give your wardrobe a fashion makeover, as youll need less layers and thinner clothes to get you through the day.

It doesnt mean you have to get smart and go back to shirts and ties instead of sweaters however. Smart but casual is still a popular way to dress for the day ahead, as well as enjoying a night out with friends, whatever the venue might be.

Theres no need to worry if your wardrobe is in need of some new additions either. Buying new clothes doesnt have to cost too much if you are careful about what you choose. The best strategy is to select items that you can mix and match with each other, as it gives you plenty more options for everyday wear thats perfect for the spring.

One of the best items you can buy this year is a denim jacket. Its an extremely versatile addition to any wardrobe, as it can be teamed with any number of outfits to create a look that sits happily between being smart and casual.

Whats more, this type of jacket isnt expensive, meaning you can still afford to splash out on some other clothes as well. It also wins in the colour stakes; whatever your favourite colour may be you can always count on a denim jacket to finish off your outfit perfectly.

One of the big advantages of denim is that it wears very well. Even if your jacket looks stressed when you buy it, it will look even better given months and months of heavy wear. There arent very many items of clothing that will stand up to this kind of use, making the denim jacket a bargain buy and a staple item in many wardrobes.

While we tend to think of denim as being the traditional blue colour, you can also find it making an impression in several other shades as well. If you choose to buy a dyed denim jacket, make sure it will fit with more than one outfit in order to keep its versatility.

This spring is set to see the smart but casual denim jacket taking pride of place in many wardrobes. So whether you wear it coupled with a smart shirt or a plain tee shirt, you are guaranteed to look great in one of the best jackets around.


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