The perils of dressing for the British climate have boggledwomen - as well as some men - throughout the ages. After all, the woollensdon't just come out in autumn and winter: they stick around in spring and ofteneven into summer months. And when chunky knits aren't in favour on the catwalk,it can cause problems for high street shoppers and designer gurus alike. Butthis year - to the relief of every woman from Cardiff to Aberdeen - women'sdesigner knitwear looks to be a firm favourite. So what can we expect fromknitwear fashion in the year to come?

It's only January and already the high street is brimming with cardigans,knitted dresses and jumpers in every corner. Comfy woolly cardigans can befound in a variety of colours and styles to flatter every shape and size. Forinstance, if you're a large-busted woman who has always found it difficult tofind cardigans to suit, it's time to rejoice! For V-necks and plunging scoopnecks - guaranteed to compliment your heavy top half - feature prominently in thisyear's knitted fashions. Choose a V-neck cardigan in a dark, block colour witha tie around the narrower part of your waist and you could also draw attentionaway from a bulging tummy.

But designer knitwear this season isn't just about V-necks; those lesswell-endowed can also take advantage of close-necked cardigans with ruffledetails or crew necks, which are sure to bestow more oomph on your chest.Moreover, choosing a close-necked cardigan in stripes or subtle floral patternsmay also turn the eye away from any saggy bits on your upper body that you'drather people ignored!

The close-necked, ruffle look is also being imitated in this year's knitteddresses, which are certain to keep you warm, snug and looking trendy all day.Look for knitted dresses in soft yet mature colours, like lavender or chalk, aswell as good old black and chocolate.

However, one the most desirable items of designer knitwear for women in 2008 issurely the jumper. Transforming jumpers from the staple wardrobe piece of a chillywinter to an article of fashion glory is possibly the greatest feat of theemerging knitwear trend. Jumpers are long and V-necked - great for showing offthe chest and hiding the hips - or long and crew-necked with capped sleeves.Either style can be worn simply with jeans for an effortlessly classy daytimelook. What's more, were even seeing some knitted jumpers with billowing capesleeves. These are ideal for elegant evening wear at a casual dinner orcocktail party when worn with tailored trousers (or shorts if you're brave) andheels.

So, overall, the verdict for knitted jumpers in 2008 is wear them long and wearthem proud! And if you're blessed with a particularly long pair of legs - andthe weather picks up - you might even be able to ditch the trousers altogether.

About the Author:

Andrew Regan is an online, freelance author from Scotland. He is a keen rugby player and enjoys travelling.

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