Whenever you are at the mall and see a group of youngsterswearing all black and dark makeup, you instantly think Punk Rock, their stylereflect their character, their personalities, who they are, or at least, whothey want to be.

You feel mostly comfortable in your own skin when you wearclothes that reflect the real you. Dont try to wear something just because itis fashionable, it will not look good on you, try to personalize the trend ifit does not go well with your personality, you can also try this if you getbored of a piece of clothing or you dont want to let go of those old jeans,try pasting beads or pearls on them, draw some graphics, cut your shirts in funshapes, etc. Your look will change mostly because you character is being expressed in a unique way, and better yet, you did it by yourself.

If you are reserved, elegant, sporty, sensual, unattended,etc. it will show with your style, independently if you are dressed to go tothe gym, to a party or at a casual day with friends. Clothes dont make theperson, the person makes the clothes, by the way they are dressed and the stylechosen to wear.

Even in jeans and a t-shirt you can tell who is aconservative executive and who the life of the party is. They can both bewearing the exact same shirt with the same jeans, but the reserved one couldadd a trendy necklace and bracelets and wear elegant matching top of the lineshoes, the easy going sportier person would maybe wear a long pair of earringswith some sneakers and a little rip here and there on the jeans.

The accessories usually are the ones to mark the point ofdifference between two different styles, the jewelry as well as the shoes areunique pieces that add some flair to your wardrobe, try wearing shoes that dontmatch with your clothes, see how that makes you feel.

On a sad day we tend to wear black or dark colors, while ona happy day we want to wear bright colorful solids or cute prints that can even make other people happy. Colors are an important part of our mood, our lifestyle,our likes and dislikes. Wearing black everyday can be mistaken for a sad ornon-caring person, but on the contrary, it could just reflect the personalityof an elegant but conservative person who might be a professional executive byday, but at night that little black dress will appear behind that black jacketand will be the highlight for this persons Friday night.

Dont let anyone judge you for not wearing what is new instyle and the latest trends off from the runway, sometimes these looks are noteven made for anyone. Clothes should express who you really are, how you feel,and even reflect your goals about who you want to become.

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