ERP stands for its acronym as Enterprise Resource Planning. The main objective is Enterprise-wide resource, which aims to integrate entire business system, all departments, and all functionalities of the organization. Generally all departments in the organization have different computer systems and this was a bit difficult task for the company to do the business but with the emergence of this software application, businesses have simplified to a very large extent. This has helped businesses to prosper in every respect thus making the entire corporate sector to simplify in all respect. The integration of all the functions of the company is due to implementation of erp software solution.

In most cases it has been seen that an ERP India implementation takes three to six months for any organization but sometimes it also depends on the size of the organization. Suppose if a business organization has to implement only Accounting module, which is itself, an expensive application software system may take less time to implement. Sometimes it depends on the size of the module to be implemented. When ERP system is implemented, it is required to change the ways you do your business if you want erp to work in right way. Similarly the employee of the company also needs to change their way of working and follow according to the erp functioning.

ERP India is one such huge system that almost all kinds of business specialized in any industry wants to implement in their organization. They want to implement this in order to smoothen their business functionality and thus create prosperity for their business. You also need to understand for what purpose you need this system and also consider how you will use it to improve your business system. In an organization, finance has its own set of numbers, sales has its own version and all other have their own revenue figures and it is responsibility of the authority to analyze all these figures. An ERP business system creates a single version of all these which any user in the organization can use to understand it fully.

Before ERP came into being, MRPs were found in the market to solve businesses. Manufacturing Management Systems were put into process in industries to solve business functionalities at every step. During the time, a lot of research and development was going on and then this system converted into Material Requirement Planning system. This system was an advanced version of manufacturing management system that came as a business solution. Over the time there took numerous changes in the manufacturing industry in the sales, production department and others which led to the evolvement of Manufacturing Resource Planning and then later on came to be known as Enterprise Resource Planning. Till date, Enterprise Resource Planning is functional in all kinds of industries with the businesses requirement analysis, planning and demand. This system was designed with intent to plan the proper use of enterprise, resource and planning widely.

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