Leather is a wonderful material. If you can get past the fact that you are wearing the skin or hide of another animal, then you can really start to appreciate all of the fantastic qualities that leather provides.

The quality of finished leather depends on a combination of a couple of different things. These include the physical/chemical components that are added during the process of making the garment as well as the original properties in the natural hides. New technologies are continually being brought to the market. These new technologies help to make leather more colorful, more versatile and ultimately more appealing as an alternative to woven fabrics and plastics such as vinyl.

Leather has played an important role in the history of human development and is now playing and equally critical role in man's conquest of space. Because leather has superior breathability, flexibility and corrosion resistance properties, it is ideal for many different types of clothing including gloves, boots, helmets and other mission-critical spacesuit applications.

Other new and wonderful uses for leather are being developed every day. One of these is its use in a particularly sexy application known as leather lingerie. Leather lingerie is great to wear for many reasons. It is soft and supple and doesn't itch and scratch when you put it on.

As you wear your leather lingerie, it will heat up to the same temperature as your body and will form what feels like a second skin. Leather lasts for a long time and is fairly easy to care for.

Even better, it looks absolutely divine on women. Women can help boost their confidence and bring out some of their primal instincts and behaviors by putting on some sexy leather clothing including bras, corsets, teddies, skirts, corsets, tops and halters, thongs, chokers, pants, g-strings and many other leather accessories.

In summary, leather has been used by man as a "second skin" so to speak for a long, long time. It has helped man endure the elements in the past and continues to do so today. New uses for leather and new manufacturing processes continue to increase the versatility and functionality of leather each year. One of my favorite uses is for the manufacture of leather lingerie and sexy leather clothing.

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