Amish clothing is very symbolic of the spiritual beliefs of the Amish as a people, as is virtually everything else about their lifestyle. Subsequently, the Amish clothing styles, (like other clothing styles) make a statement about the individual wearing them. In the case of the Amish, apparel is indicative of the spiritual guidelines of the community in which he or she lives.

Not only do the Amish live very interesting lives and create very appealing kinds of simplistic and often rural-looking dcor, but they also have reasons behind these traditions. Nonetheless, as a part of their belief system there is a background to every aspect of the lives of the Amish people which may also stimulate your curiosity. As a symbol of the Amish faith, the traditional, often very modest Amish apparel represents the world in which Amish people live (which is a different kind of world) which is part of the core belief systems of the community.

Amish clothing, much like each stick of furniture and virtually everything they use, is completely hand-made within the community. The Amish use a simplistic style of clothing without any form of accessories or ornamentations this virtually always includes the colors of the fabrics which they use to make their clothing as well. Usually their clothing is plain and they use darker colors.

Mens clothing in the Amish style, though somewhat varied form community to community, are often simple, straight-cut suits made of reasonable materials, easy to wash, and without fancy creases on the trousers, cuffs etc. Again, basic, traditional buttons are used in most orders, dictated by the general community ordnung. Suspenders are ok, but belts are very often forbidden from the kinds of clothing accessories that an Amish man is allowed to wear. The suits also fasten with plain, hook and eye devices as opposed to anything fancier or more expensive. As a side note: when men are unwed they must keep their faces completely shaven however, when they marry they must grow their beards long. Mustaches are forbidden.

An Amish woman cannot wear pants. No matter what the weather, you will often see these women in long-sleeves and long skirts, of solid colors and, of course, without any frills. These women are also often covered by a cloak or apron. Right down to the shoes and stockings these women wear solid, plain and almost always dark colors. There are no exceptions for patterned clothing, jewelry or any other ornamentation. Just like the men in Amish culture, women must not draw attention to themselves or to their figures. They are to be as simplistic in appearance as they are in practice. It is the Amish way.

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