Your store, which was thriving till recently, witnesses dwindling sales out of the blue... The first assumption is that this is nothing but a passing trend. However as the business continues to erode, you realize you must act promptly to shore it up. And after a quick review, what you conclude is that your retail store deserves nothing but a makeover.

Today, society is highly image-conscious. Everything is judged first by how it looks, even a retail outlet! Further, in this changing retail marketplace, consumers likes and dislikes change overnight. If you want to retain your share and fight sluggish sales, your shop ought to be more customer-friendly, more modern and more competitive. So keep your eyes open and always welcome change. Now you must be wondering from where to start that overhaul? Let us help you a bit.


1) Start with the storefront:


Do any of these describe your retail business?


         Your store is on the high street or in the primary business borough of your city, but people dont visit.

         When asked, they said they didnt notice your shop.

         They noticed, but werent interested in walking in.


When consumers walk past your store, you have got only a few seconds to draw their attention. With the right look, image, product and presentation, your store can excite your customers and lure them into buying. So make sure your retail outlet, and primarily its storefront, is attractive enough. With some novel ideas, a dull window can be transformed into a dynamic, unique or contemporary window display. Ideally, displays must be used to maximum advantage, showcasing the newest products or highlighting the seasons theme.

Now you can always take a specialist window dressers help here. Nevertheless, we believe that you can do the job just as well given your understanding of your shoppers needs and the products that can serve them best.

2) Innovate with interiors:


Nothing works better than new interiors when it comes to giving your old outlet a new look. While a well designed interior is a balance between function and aesthetics, it must also create the ideal working environment. Most importantly, it should attract your clientele. For instance, if your target customers are teenagers and kids, go for bright and creative interiors, with themes that will appeal to them!

If it has been a long time since anything changed in your store, we advise you to consider alterations from the ground up. For example, if your stores logo is old fashioned and out-of-sync with the personality you wish to project, re-do it. At the same time, take care to preserve its heritage and associated values. Its also a good idea to align the colors of the interiors with the house colors/logo.

Obviously you will need the help of professionals to give your store a makeover. Since an interior designer of repute will cost a packet, you might like to try out a shop-fitter instead. There are shop-fitters who offer integrated services right from retail shop design to project management, and do so at cost effective rates.