Women love designer shoes so much that many women have closets full of them. Others only long for that many and make do with a pair or two. Women's designer shoes are very costly, so one might wonder why women even want to spend their money on such an extravagance. There are some great advantages to buying and wearing designer shoes. Women who wear them often can tell you all about it.

The most obvious reason people would want designer shoes is the up-to-the-minute styles they offer. All shoe styles will eventually be mimicked by cheap shoe manufacturers. It is only a matter of time. With designer shoes, though, you do not have to wait for a cheap imitation. You can have the real thing as soon as it comes out. Then, you can be the one everyone looks to for fashion tips on buying shoes. You will display your own personal flair with designer shoes that suit you so well they seem made for you.

It might not be as obvious, but designer shoes are much more comfortable than ordinary shoes. If you go to a discount shoe store and try on a pair of cheap shoes, they may hurt your feet. If you like the style, you may buy them anyway, hoping to break them in. The truth is that if the shoes do not fit you when you first put them on, no amount of breaking in is likely to make much difference.

Shoes that are not made in a comfortable fashion are not apt to become comfortable just because you wear them for a week or so. With designer shoes, chances are they will fit right away with no need to try to break them in. This is because designers put much thought and study into putting together a pair of shoes. They do not start working on the end product until they know how the design can be adapted to the feet of real women.

Cheap shoe manufacturers do little to assure that their shoes will be comfortable. They are basically concerned that the shoe fits the description of a ladies shoe style and is approximately the right size. Designer shoe manufacturers also bring comfort to the table in the form of better quality materials. When your shoe is well made with fine leathers or other materials, they are more comfortable in every way. This is a great advantage of designer shoes.

If you like to be the center of attention, you will find a huge advantage in buying designer shoes. You might want to emulate your favorite movie star or singer by wearing the shoes that they wear. It gives you a special feeling to know that your feet are just as well-dressed as a celebrity's. If others know your secret, you will gain status that you would never get from ordinary shoes. There is no other feeling like having something for yourself that celebrity and royalty alike will wear. Accumulate a closet full of designer shoes and you will be the envy of all your friends.


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