Parents admire and look towards for inspirations in their child's wardrobe. How we dress say a lot about our character, confidence and personality and for children it's no different. A persons dressing sense talks a lot on his character. So be it adult or child dress plays a major rule in his personality.

The child that comes to daycare, after school lessons or Sunday school with bright, colorful and charming outfits, is usually the child that is full of charisma, pizzazz and loads of laughs. Now each child has their character that clothes only add or detract - but how we dress does play a big role on how we feel. If the little girl is wearing a new designer dress that she absolutely adores, guaranteed she will be touching it, flaunting it and twirling about in it to make sure others know just how special she feels. Now for little boys, clothes play less importance, but they still play a role in the confidence, especially if its a brand that the other boys want or wear. Style doesn't dictate everything, but it does have a significance that can't be ignored.

The same rule applies for baby clothes as it does for adult apparel. If you see someone walking down the street wearing a t-shirt and jeans, you may not notice or pay much attention, whereas the woman in a colorful and attractive dress gracefully making her way through the aisle of turning heads does. Now some may argue that its the person not the clothes, or even play the economic hand and say not everyone can afford to be stylish. The truth however is style is as much if not more about thought and preparation as it is about cost.

The advantage with baby clothes however is there is little need for thought to find affordable, yet adorable baby clothes that offer fun, sassy and stylish charm to your child's wardrobe. There are so many designers for baby clothes that the prices are much more reasonable than in prior times. In addition, with the growing popularity of online shopping, many boutique retailers are able to cut many of the costs associated with traditional stores by selling online. With baby clothes, the inventory can be more diverse and include numerous designers as floor space and display issues are eliminated.

In the consumer driven world we live in, even a slow economy won't stop the fashionistas from finding the deals on designer threads and baby clothes offers a fun outlet for many to express the creativity and fashion know-how. Whether shopping for friends and family or for their own little ones, the rest of us can be either thankful or envious of those with the skill and eye for fabulous wardrobes. For the rest of us, we can rely on the forums, blogs and online communities to get a feel for what's hot and what's not - to make sure that our little one's step up with pride and confidence rather than slump back in awkward discomfort.