A practical approach for Tripur/Erode/Coimbatore area

According to latest survey in India 60% reactive dye consumption is in Tripur only.

For winch/soft flow machine famous cotton quality running for ex-single jersey, interlock, double jersey, fleece, pickipolo etc.

For cabinet dyeing famous cotton count running for ex-2,10,2/40,2/20,2/17,2/10 count etc.

(I) Pretreatment process for winch/soft flow/cabinet dyeing machine where auto steam controller is available (boiler is available)

As mentioned bottom side:-

First check water hardness if less than 30 ppm follows this process. IF hardness is more than 100 ppm used sequestering agent to be used (for Ex- water hardness 200-500m ppm used Levacol SQ 0.1-0.5 g/l(colourtex)

  1. wetting agent(non-ionic)=0.5-1% owf +caustic soda=3-4% owf
    Run at 50-55 degree Celsius, holding time-20 minute)
    Then add stabilizer (organic based silicate free) =0.3-0.5% owf (first) +hydrogen peroxide (50%) =1-3% owf (second)
    (Increase temp to 85-90 degree Celsius, rise in temp-3-3.5 degree per minute, holding time 60 minute)
    Check absorbency if less than 3 second drain the bath.
  2. peroxide killer (enzyme based)=0.5-1% owf
    Acetic acid=0.3-0.8% owf
    (50-55 degree celcius, holding time-30 minute)
    Peroxide neutralizer=0.5-1 gpl (75-85 degree celcius, 20-25 minute)
    (Check residual peroxide by peroxide test indicator or spotting the fabric directly with titanyl chloride reagent.)
    Advantage: - washing can be avoided if peroxide neutralizer is used.
  3. Washing or rinsing
  4. Check PH and absorbency (PH should be 6-7 range absorbency less than 3 second. For RFD (ready for dyeing) Fabric).If fabric PH is alkaline used HCL (hydrochoric acid) for neutralizing in cold condition. Why HCL used instead of acetic acid because of cost factor otherwise acetic acid is best for neutralizing .
  5. Continue dyeing process
  6. (Mostly place in Tripur /Erode /Coimbatore area 60 degree Celsius reactive dyes is used for example-colourtex co lour series (corazol RFT (medium shade), corazol seies, corafix ME series, corafix GD (for dark shade) Series), ciba series (ciba FN series (for light shade) etc).

Dyeing Process (Continue--)

Salt dye soda exhaust process.

For winch machine machine no need for leveling agent and lubricating agent.

For soft flow machine leveling agent (0.5% to 1% owf) and lubricating agent (0.5-1% owf) is must to avoid unevenness and crease mark and crow feet mark.