A case study

Reactive dye used in exhaust dyeing method can be make price effective with pigment topping but a maximum range upto 10% range in garment cotton knitted fabric.

Otherwise collar to body portion difference will be observed more but according to customer demand it has to done cost wise economical also.

In garment more dye addition in reactive dyeing patchiness chances will be more whatever shade is coming first time its tone can be adjusted with pigment topping within short time.

If we are increasing the percentage we have to see the final finishing effect because shade should not become duller.

We have taken one shade trail with reactive and pigment dyeing as trail its result was found satisfactory. In this shade 90% reactive dyeing and 10% pigment dyeing was done.

Trail Lot

Quality: - popcorn (100% cotton knitted quality) garment

Quantity:-160 kg

M/c Used:-Drumming M/C (Rensom Manufacture)



Total liquor:-2400 litre.

% Recipe:-

Corazol Yellow RFT (Colourtex)=0.66% owf.

Corazol Red RFT (Colourtex)=0.143 % owf

Corazol Blue RFT (Colourtex) =0.128%owf.

Vaccum salt=60 gpl

Soda ash=15 gpl

Pigment Recipe:-In 2400 litre water

Pigment CT Black (Local) =150 gram

Pigment Yellow 4631(Local) =40 gram

Pigment Red 4318(Local) =40 gram

(60 Degree celcius, 30 minute)

Binder =3.5 Kgs

Process used:

Wetting agent treatment=0.5% owf (60 degree celcius,30 minute) ---Acetic acid=1%owf(cold,15 minute)----Reactive dyeing done (Dyesaltsoda exhaust process) ---- cold wash --- Acetic acid (Neutralization)----Cationzation---pigment dyeing (Exhaust)Bio-polishing --- cold wash softner---cold washHydroexactor----tumble drier---ready for garment trimming and final finishing section.


In garment dyeing garment was opened in such a manner inside portion will be top side if any stain chances during pigment dyeing also inside portion nothing will happen.


Result was encouraging and it is smoothly running specially for this khakhi shade .


First take lab trail then go for bulk trail.

This article has been written in good faith for problem solving altitude purpose.

About the Author:

The author is the Product Manager (Reactive Dyes) in Colourtex. Ind. Ltd having 12 years production experience in cotton, polyester and its blend quality in India and overseas reputed company.