'Some of the process sequence with dyeing shade discussion for Continuous Dyeing Range machine (CDR)'

CDR machine is excellent machine for bulk order. Here bulk order more consistency will be there because material handing is very less. This is mostly used for woven and open knitted fabric (very less).

All bulk order can be successfully executed in CDR machine .For Example;-Govt Khakhi, School uniform, police uniform, exports bulk order etc.

Normal Process sequence:-

  1. Pad-dry cures .Example;-Pigment dye etc.

  1. Pad-dry-chemical padding-steaming-washing-drying. For Example;-Vat dye, Reactive dye (Vinyl sulphone), sulphur black etc.

  1. Pad-dry-thermosol .For Example:-Disperse/Reactive Dye and Disperse dye (selected dye otherwise staining chance will be there).

  1. Pad-wet steaming-washing-dry. For Example Selected Reactive Dye shades.

Above all process sequence No 2 process sequence is running smoothly for maximum shade.

Main Important Feature in continuous dyeing range machine can be divided into following section:-

a)    Dye padder- with CVC (Continuously Variable Crown) roller profile. This consists of two S-Rolls padding machine for minimizing centre side variation in fabric.

b)    Infra red drier - The fabric having high moisture content is passed through this zone to reduce the moisture content on the fabric ultimately to avoid migration of dye stuff.

c)    Hot flue Drier - The fabric is subjected to heat treatment gradually to dry or dye fixation depending on the machine configuration.

d)    Chemical padding section: - For reactive (vinyl sulphone) dye in chemical padding section.