When most people think of accessories, they tend to get caught in a rut of thinking only about jewelry with maybe a scarf or belt thrown in. Accessories are a whole lot more than that, and used well, accessories can take you from drab to glam in the clink of a clasp.

One of the most important accessories you can have in your arsenal are shoes! Shoes can make or break and outfit, seriously. For example, you can take your night-out pair of jeans, pair them with some sexy animal print stilettos, and instantly take your outfit from ho-hum to umm-umm. The same can be said for that boring business suit you wear to the office. Pair it with some super sexy heels and you show you're more than just a brain: you're stylish and chic, too.

Another top accessory to consider is a jacket. Not only can the right jacket make an ordinary outfit into something wonderful, you can use it to camouflage all kinds of figure flaws. A long, tailored jacket can disguise either (or both!) a large bottom or tummy. And luckily, these types of jackets never seem to go out of style. You can also pair a new jacket with an old dress or skirt and totally update your outfit and without spending a fortune. Vintage jackets are also a great way to accessorize, as well as personalize, an outfit, so shop around for one or two that you will love wearing.

Most women fail to think of their hair as an accessory, but it's one of the best ones you have! If normally wear your hair down, put it up for a glamorous look. Or try some hair bling for a night out on the town. Beautiful barrettes and combs with jewels are also great ways to easily maximize your hair as an accessory. For a totally hot look, spice things up by putting some flowers in your hair. This works great for a night out, especially in the spring and summer, but boy, what a statement you'll be making if you dare to do this in the dead of winter. If there aren't any fresh flowers available, you can pick up some silk ones at your local craft store or online for mere pennies. The results, though, are more like a million bucks.

Shawls are also a great way to accessorize an outfit, and they are all the rage these days. Much of their popularity is due to the freezing temperatures in buildings these days. That popularity, though, has forced designers to come up with thrilling new fibers and styles. You aren't stuck with just the old wool or cotton yarn shawls your grandmother may have made and worn. Today there are shawls made with gorgeous metallics woven in the fibers, beads, and even jewels. Shawls are also another super way to cover up or disguise body flaws such as too broad shoulders. And don't just think you have to wear shawls around your shoulders. Wrap and tuck one around your abdomen or hips. Not only will this camouflage a pudgy tummy or large behind, it also makes a great fashion statement: one that people around you will be dying to imitate.

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