Gone are the days when only slim was in in the fashion circuit. Today, plus-size is just as acceptable. With plus-size models walking the ramp with grace, size acceptance is gradually gaining ground. More and more manufacturers have started producing garments as well as fashion accessories for plus-size people. The same applies to lingerie as well. This article seeks to study all about this rising trend of plus-size lingerie.

What is plus size?

It is, first of all, necessary to understand the concept of plus size. What is the benchmark size, above which all sizes are treated as plus?

In fact, there is no specific standard for plus size. The concept of plus size differs from one country to another. For instance, in USA, women wearing clothes of Size 14 and above are commonly considered to fall into the 'Plus size' category. In UK, women with sizes above 16 are generally considered to be plus size. However, it may differ from one manufacturer to another as well. In short, women who have a larger built than an average woman can be considered as plus size. This might be on account of a higher body mass or larger bone structure.

Plus-size women are not necessarily fat, but they have a tendency for a large built. Some women enter the plus-size category because they gain weight on account of pregnancy or illness. Plus-size women can be either teenagers, young adults, middle-aged or elderly.

Plus-size lingerie

The stigma that accompanied the term 'plus size' is gradually dissipating, as is the association of 'plus size' with 'fat'. The recent splash of plus-size lingerie in the markets is proving to be a boon for such women, for whom finding comfortable and stylish lingerie was a distant dream.

Perhaps, the most significant reason behind this change is the realization that the population in several countries is not tall and slim, as has always been depicted in the movies and on TV. Many of the real-life women are large. In fact, studies have revealed that nearly 60% of the women in USA wear lingerie in Size 14 and above.

Plus-size lingerie is now available in almost every imaginable pattern, style and colour. From brassieres and corsets to nightgowns, all kinds of lingerie are now available in the market. Lingerie manufacturers have now begun to produce all of their products in the large size as well. However, modern plus-size lingerie is not just a larger size of the smaller version. It is specifically designed and cut to accommodate the curvy figure of plus-size women.


Another significant change that has come over the plus-size lingerie market is that products are now available in the 'smaller plus sizes' as well. Earlier, lingerie products for the average-sized woman were only available till Size 10 or so in USA, while plus-sized lingerie would be available from Size 14 onwards. As a result, many large-built women wearing lingerie in Size 12 or similar sizes would find it very difficult to find products of their size. This situation has now been rectified, and lingerie is available in a vast number of sizes, within the 'plus-size' category.

If you believe that plus-size lingerie would be drab and unappealing, you are mistaken. Plus-size lingerie can be just as fashionable, pretty and comfortable as lingerie in other sizes.

The fact that the plus-size lingerie market is growing by leaps and bounds indicates the way women have embraced it. So, if you are a plus-sized woman, you need worry no more!



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