Choosing the correct color for your clothing, hair color and makeup is one of the biggest steps you can take to look your best.

With complimentary colors in cosmetics and clothing your skin tone will appear radiant and glowing, your eyes will appear brighter and clearer, your hair will reflect highlights and you will hear compliments - such as "You look great!

With the clashing colors in cosmetics and clothing your skin tone will appear tired and drained, your eyes may appear shadowed, dark circles are more apparent, even your teeth can appear with a slight yellow hue and you will hear comments - such as "You look tired "Do you feel OK?"

Coloring is generally broken down into cool and warm colors. You should match your skin tone in your fashion and makeup choices.

To determine the undertone of your skin, look at the underside of your arm. If your veins appear bluish you are cool toned, if they appear greenish you are warm toned.

Cool colors include "jewel tones" - blues, greens, pinks, purples, blue-greens, magentas, and blue-based reds. People with cool coloring look better in pure white than in off-white or ivory, and they can easily wear black

Warm colors include "earth tones" - yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens and orange-based reds. People with warm coloring look better in off-white or ivory than in pure white and look washed out by black.

Ladies with cool coloring should select a foundation that is more pink based and warm tones should go with a yellow based color.

Cool skin colors include: Very dark brown with reddish or blue undertones; Brown with pink undertone; True olive (most Asians and Latinos); Medium with no color in cheeks; Medium with faint pink cheeks; Pale with no color in cheeks; Pale with pink undertones; Ruddy-pinkish red and Brown or bronze tan.

Warm skin tones include: Very dark brown with golden undertones; Brown with golden undertone; Medium with golden undertones; Pale with peach or gold undertones; Golden brown when tan.

Celebrities with cool coloring include:

Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, Jaclyn Smith, Marie Osmond, Princess Caroline, Liza Minnelli, Marlo Thomas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Oprah, "Snow White', Jaclyn Smith, Barbara Bush, Elizabeth Hurley, Gloria Estefan, Cindy Crawford, Angela Bassett, Michelle Kwan, Winona Ryder, Sophia Loren, Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron, Michelle Pfeiffer, Meg Ryan, Vanessa Williams, Courtney Cox, Elizabeth Taylor, Katie Couric, Demi Moore.

Celebrities with warm coloring include:

Nicole Kidman, Kathie Lee Gifford, Sarah Ferguson, Reba McEntire, Gillian Anderson, Molly Ringwald, Hilary & Chelsea Clinton

If you can't decide, cool coloring is much more common than warm. (You probably know if you are warm.)

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