Since drafting at Ring Frame is a major influence on yarn qualities & ultimately tells on even fabric appearance, conversion of drafting to upgrade ring frame is a worthwhile exercise. Casablanca drafting represents the first development to improve the control over floating fibres. Drawbacks of this drafting lead to Top Arm drafting thereby preventing slippage of back top roller. Though similar but with further development to ensure provision for varying pressure on top rollers came Second generation Top Arm drafting. Then aroused the need for making changes in top rollers & cots, & now detachable types of top roller with softer cot on front roller are available. Offset drafting & Compact drafting represents the latest development in drafting system at Ring Frame.

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The authors are associated with Dept. of Textile Technology, Sarvajanik College Of Engg. & Technology, Affiliated by Veer Narmad South Gujarat, University, Surat (Gujarat).