We make use of woolen fabrics in our day to day life, right from below the toes to above the head - carpets to caps. Following characteristics makes wool more useful and comfortable too:

► Wool is one of the most breathable fibers on earth.
► Wool gives comfortable warmth to your body.
► Wool is capable of absorbing moisture and rapidly evaporating it and keeping your body dry.
► Wool can regulate body temperature and humidity.
► Wool is flame-resistant due its natural moisture content and its chemical structure.
► Wool is also recommended to heart patient as it keeps blood pressure low and heart rate calm.
► Wool is durable and keeps its good appearance for a longer period of time.

Besides all these benefits wool demands a high care in terms of buying, using, cleaning and storing. Woolen fabric is vulnerable to moths, dirt, moisture, and general wear and tear. The suggestions below will help to tackle these problems:

► When buying a wool product check for the quality, wool mark and read instructions properly.
► Give woolen cloths one day rest after wearing. This will remove the wrinkles and bring to its original shape.
► Hang knitted woolen cloths on shaped hangers with closed zips or buttoned.
► Fold knits gently and keep freely in drawers.
► Use soft brush to remove surface oil on woolen cloths. Use a damp sponge for knits.
► To remove wrinkles keep it in steamy bathroom.
► Dry the woolen garment in room temperature only.
► Regularly check the stored woolen garments for moth.

Wool by its nature has a natural characteristic of shrinkage. Two conditions are responsible for shrinkage: Heat and Water. Wool is hydrophobic as well as hydrophilic. The outside of the wool fiber repels water while inside of the wool fiber absorbs water. So to some extent it repels moisture but after a certain point of getting wet, it starts absorbing water. Such characteristic leads to overlap and cause shrinks.

To avoid shrinks let the woolens dry in a cool place. Stretch out and remove crease when fabric is still wet. Hand wash can be a better option if handled carefully. The American Wool Association labels cloths as SUPER WASH which can be treated with machine wash.