In the present world, consumers are very careful in using the clothing material, which should be free from the microorganisms like pathogenic bacteria, odor-generating bacteria and mould fungi.

The new method of finishing applied in the fabric treatment in order to avoid the multiplications of the microorganisms in the fabric. Through those organisms the physical, chemical properties and structure of the fabric is affected. Also, cause many communicable diseases and create bad odor on wearing the garment. The fabric made of bamboo and the silver finish in the fabric is of step forward in the textile field in creating of fabric produced against the molds, fungi and bacteria.

Natural Anti-Microbial Fabric- Bamboo

Bamboo fabrics are manufactured from the fibers, which is converted to fiber from the stalks. It is regarded as an eco-friendly material because of its remarkable attributes. The growth of the bamboo tree is for 4 years for its maturity and requirements are present for growing bamboo is low. It is environmentally friendly and can be considered as a potential substitute of conventional cotton fibers. Bamboo fibers are 100 percent bio-degradable. It pulls moisture away from the body so that it can evaporate easily. It also reduces the bad odor in the wearing material.

Even though the bamboo fabric consists of many positives, it also has draw back. As like all cellulose fibers bamboo fibers also generally allow more moisture to drip in facilitating more food for the bacteria. But the UV rays pass through the fabric so the multiplications of the bacteria's are controlled by its natural property itself. So that the unpleasant odor are also avoided in the bamboo fabric. So the untreated bamboo fabric was not having anti-bacterial abilities.  

Research scientists have now discovered a new way of making bamboo fabric. The fabric is treated with the special UV chemicals so that the fabric possesses the UV resistance ability. This resulted in a reduction of bacterial presence in the fabric up to a considerable extent. This fabric is anti-static and holds to the skin in a perfect way. It is a perfect type of clothing for people who are prone to skin problems and allergies.


  • In hospitals as sanitary clothings
  • Able to protect from UV rays up to the value of 56
  • The chemicals remain consistent even after multiple washes
  • Reduces the multiplication of bacterias
  • Avoid skin problems and allergies


This fabric is currently available in China, Japan, India and a few other countries. The versatile features of this fabric, makes it an excellent choice of designers. Due to its UV protecting and antibacterial abilities, this fabric will soon find its way into many retail outlets and will be used in hospitals and sanitary clothing.

New Technology by Silver

Antibacterial effect fights body odor

Upgrade silver finish inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria and provides reliable antimicrobial protection, ideal for clothing worn in everyday life, sport and travel. Upgrade-silver finish is an antibacterial finishing technology using active silver ions. Silver has been known for centuries to be a natural agent to diminish the growth of bacteria and fungus. The finish is long lasting and wash resistant.