The paper presents a research activity on the powers of cultural heritage as applied on textile art/design education. The current work is based on experience of previous years works. The project intended to develop new strategies for cultural education and to contribute to the active textile education field. The teaching assignments wished to set up a line of research on educational innovation in the textile art/design field. Examples from both the research and teaching programs are offered here, targeting to contribute to the textile art practice, to the active textile design education, and to offer new opportunities for young designers.


The necessity for original textiles with identity, and the wish to stimulate Greek textile design production, was the starting points of the teamworks research activities and the basis of the educational projects. The working team investigated the possibility for textile design innovation that results from the thorough study of local tradition and cultural heritage, theoretically and practically. The case study involved teaching projects on textile art and textile design development, and investigated the practical and academic value of an extensive knowledge of cultural heritage in the design process, not only among textile designers but also among those working in the applied arts. The participating students were guided towards design works that are inspired by their design heritage, through using the new perspectives of technical developments with the idea of combining heritage, tradition, culture and innovation.



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About the Author:

The author is Associate Professor, Technological Educational Institution of Athens, Faculty of Graphic and Applied Arts, Interior Design Department, Athens, Greece.