For some people building a wardrobe simply means going out and buying clothes and shoes that are comfortable. For others shopping is a second religion for them so building a wardrobe has more to do with how many times a week they can go shopping than what is actually in there closet. But there are others that are working with tight budgets so going shopping all the time to build a sensible stylish wardrobe is important for both work and casual time. I have been talking with my wife about how she goes about building her wardrobe and she gave a few simple tips that I am going to share with you. One of the things that she told me that stuck with me the most was, "Don't buy special occasion clothes. Buy a few pieces that no matter where you go or what you are doing they will be ok to wear."

Know your Bodyshape

First off as a plus size man or woman not everything will fit your bodyshape so that's the first step to make sure that you know your bodyshape and if it is something that is not flattering to your bodyshape then its not for you. This is the number one reason that lots of Plus people are unhappy with there clothes.

Buy a core set of clothes

This will be the foundation of your entire wardrobe. In this first series I'm going to concentrate on the women then I will follow up with the men. These are the pieces that you should have and once you have these you can build on your closet to such a degree that people will think that you have a closet full of clothes when in actuality you only have a modest collection.


Purchasing a basic black and blue skirt that comes to the knee or below is a must. Not only do these two colors go with just about anything but there is no need to go out and buy a new skirt for every top that you own. Whether there is a pattern or strip on the skirt is up to your individual tastes.


The same rule for skirts can also apply to pants. Basic black or blue to begin with then if you want to add color that's up to you but still stick with the basics for now because you are building your foundation that will take you thru at least two seasons.


Tops are the key to making your wardrobe seem like you have a ton of clothes. Having at least two dozens tops of various styles and colors to match your tastes is just the perfect thing to set off your wardrobe.


With the introduction of tennis shoes into the workplace it makes it tough sometimes for some ladies to tie together an outfit without looking like they are about to head out for a day of errands. Sticking with our foundation theme then when it comes to shoes the type shoes that are your core shoes depends on your job. If you have a job that you stand all day then high heels are not the shoe for you, a modest pump or flat is the direction that you need to go. If standing is not an issue then a heel is ok but if your not a heel person then obviously a mule or sandal would be a great start.


The sky is the limit in this area. Belts, sarongs, sashes, ear rings, rings, anklets, etc. Are the perfect things to set off any outfit. Having fun interesting pieces that reflect your personality and fashion sense can go a long way towards building a strong foundation of clothes.

Things to avoid

What kills a lot of ladies today is that they spend a lot of time and money buying jeans, to the point that a big part of there closet consists of jeans therefore when its time to do something that requires a more dressy approach then they are in a bind to find something to wear. Owning a few pairs of jeans, tennis shoes and baseball caps is not a problem but they shouldn't be the foundation of your wardrobe. Also avoid fancy t-shirts. Though t-shirt technology has come a long way bottom line its still a t-shirt.

It's obvious that this is just the tip of the iceberg as far at your clothes are concerned because we all know that buying clothes is a very individual personal thing and when it comes to a plus lady its even more so. But with a few smart choices then you can build a strong foundation that you can mix and match endlessly be it for work or for more casual affairs.

About the author:

I'm a 38 year old father of 3 that has always had a passion for doing things related to the plus size community. I started with several ideas years ago that just didn't grab my full attention. When I came across blogging it struck me that it would be a way to get news, information and opinions to my target audience in a smooth effective way. Though I decided that this would be a business for me I actually enjoy finding the things that I do and writing about them so even if I don't make a penny off this venture its something that I will continue to provide becasue its something that is very much needed. You can find out more about what Im doing by visiting