When a person is at work, his corporate attire can communicate a lot about his personality, and temperament. Clothes create an image about the wearer in the minds of other people. A business suit that does not look clean and elegant will fail to make a good impression. Apart from the work efficiency, it is also important how a person is able to present himself, as a prim image is equally important for creating a good impression. Staffs who are sloppy in their dressing affect the business image badly. Companies pay more focus towards the dress code of their employees, as it is concerned with the development of the company's brand through exposure.


Everything undergoes transformation during the span of time. Professional clothing is not an exemption to this. Fabrics have undergone a lot of changes from the simple cotton to blends of polyester, lycra, silk and many more. Companies now expect their employees to follow a dress code that will reflect an active work life.


Work wear Trends for 2009:


When is comes to the choice of work wear, current trends indicate that people do not prefer to look too formal. The formal look is obsolete, with the styles moving towards a casual look. While choosing professional attires, material should be of prime consideration as comfort is of utmost importance. The corporate trend has shifted from wearing clothes with exact matching to complementary outfits. Co-ordinated styles such as Johnny-style collars and V-necks are designed specifically for the fit of wearer. Stylish cotton blouse with a knee length skirt will be the preferred work wear by most women.


Hues for the year:


Color trends for the current year move towards the softer sections of the color segment. Neutral colors such as navy and gray will be a right choice for business suits. Black is a common color, yet, would give an elegant look for formal occasions. Distinctive olive and hues of brown would be tricky, and give a distinctive corporate look. Solid colors accompanied with an open weave sweater will be in vogue. Knee length skirts will be seen in light or medium hues giving a more professional look rather than wild colors with bold prints. Pant suits in a plain base color added with added splashes of accent colors will be in demand for this season.


Leather Apparels for Him and Her:


Leather goes corporate in the current trend for both men and women. Simple, yet trendy leather apparels for women with band collar, pockets, stylish silhouettes, notch and classic lapels will be in fad. Available in inimitable designs, and fits, with the corporate hue of black, and brown, it makes the women stand in par with the corporate ethics, along with a hint of glamour. Ideal for meetings, and events, these leather apparels would expose the 'boss' in them.


Men's leather garments will be seen in double collar or notch color with button or zipper closures. Imparting a formal elegance along with a casual comfort, men's leather work wears come with a soft lining for summers, and a warm lining for the chilly winter. Color palette includes black, brown and tan giving the 'perfect gentleman' look.



The Casual Corporate Dress code:


Today, there is a change in the trend of wearing clothes. People prefer to wear clothes that are comfortable at work. Casual dress code is being followed by the employees of many companies. Acceptance of casual clothing as a corporate attire is the best gift bestowed on us by this century. Casual clothing has become a way of life that best fits into the fast stepped lifestyle. Polo shirts, sports coats, and twill shirts are a few casual wears that make presentable corporate apparels.


The Button Trend:


Button clothing is regarded as the requirement for a standard formal wear. Presently, four button business suits are not in fad, and are not regarded as a classic style. This style suits best for the people who are slim and tall. Three button suits will be in fad.


Performance Fabrics:


Employees, who have a uniform to wear while at work, are considered as the spokesperson of the company. Logos printed on the uniform also provides an opportunity for the company to build its image and become a recognizable symbol. Performance apparels have permeated all areas and have entered the corporate sector as well, and will have a prospective market. With increasing risks due to exposure to chemicals, toxic wastes etc, and risky incidents like fire, these apparels have become all the more essential. Nano treated fibres are becoming flexible and well suited to corporate wear. Apparels with high performance treatments, with stain resistance and wear resistance, without losing the natural qualities of the fabric will be used in industrial worksites.


Organic and Sustainable Apparels:


Organic clothing has a projected growth rate of 15% changing the perception, that they are expensive and unappealing. Trendy organic apparels are available in a variety of styles; from T-shirts to formal wears. More companies will adopt organically manufactured clothing in their formal attire. Sustainable apparels are not just a passing fad, and are here to stay. While organic clothing takes the fame in work place, the focus will also be shifting towards sustainable apparels emerging as a trendy work wear.


Outfit of the employees should be comfortable, and also motivate them to work. Companies currently have a casual approach towards the dress code of their staff. A right choice of work wear combined with matching accessories will give a professional as well as a trendy appearance.




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