Ann Veronica Hand-Printed Line... Delightful, Durable, Sleek & Sassy.

CAPE ELIZABETH, ME - Using traditional silk screening techniques coupled with a flair for whimsy, Ann V. Perrino, founder and owner of Ann Veronica, brings you a fresh perspective on a forgotten classic - hand printed fabric.

Inspired by the hand-printed silk-screened fabrics of the 1960's and 70's when textile art was in its heyday with companies such as Marimekko and Marblehead Handprints churning out pattern and design, Perrino continues a tradition in with new perspective by infusing crisp color and fresh silhouettes onto blank canvas.

"I hope to bring awareness of the craft of traditional textile art to new generations," Perrino says. "This is not manufactured or computer-generated work - it's designed and printed by hand in a Maine studio. Everything you buy from us is an original handcrafted piece of art. From time to time, you'll find slight imperfections in the printed fabric, which only justifies its originality and authenticity. Hand silk-screening from start to finish is a very labor-intensive process but it's also a labor of love."

Perrino's hand-printed designs are inspired by German and Austrian workshop artists during the early years of the last century. "What I love about the work of that era is the whimsy," Perrino says. "Artists used definite order and captured the influences of their industrial age, but patterns were unpretentious. I don't favor heavy brooding art - for me it's more about having fun and taking the design less seriously."

From her fabric, Perrino introduced in 2003 the Ann Veronica line which includes classic day and travel bags, belts and accessories in a variety of sizes, colors and prints. Designed with natural fibers, her 100% heavyweight cotton handbags are delightful yet durable, sleek yet sassy.

The line offers all the essentials, from classic totes and zippered handbags to a messenger bag, child's backpack and travel/gym bags. Ann Veronica Handprints collection is offered in several essential colors and ten designs. The line is sold nationally in boutiques, fine apparel and retail specialty stores and online at

About Ann Veronica: It all started with the purchase of a tote bag in 1975. Ann, a native of Marblehead, MA had purchased a colorful tote bag decorated with a creative silkscreen design from a local business owner. At that time, the bags had become the rage locally and within a few short years gained so much popularity they came to be sold throughout the East Coast.

Twenty-six years later and unable to find a replacement for her beloved, well-worn tote, Ann decided to revive it by creating Ann Veronica - a collection of hand-printed handbags and tote designs inspired by silkscreen techniques she learned in her high school art classes from the women who founded Marblehead Handprints .

Ann's silk-screen designs take hundreds of hours to create, to select and to hand cut. Her textile colors are custom mixes and her fabrics are made of all natural fibers. The task of creating the printed fabric is taken one stage at a time. The result is a collection of handbags and accessories that are timeless and fun. All of Ann's creations are inspired by her love for fiber, the arts and the hand crafted tradition of Maine artists. Ann lives in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, where she spends much of her time promoting the work of other Maine artists. For more information about Ann Veronica Handprints visit &sec=article&uinfo=<%=server.URLEncode(1727)%>" target="_blank">