Everybody likes to present themselves in a unique form. They have their own style. Clothing and jewellery are the two best ways to present oneself. An elegant pearl piece looks gorgeous on anyone irrespective to look, height and figure. Pearl jewellery acts as a very flexible wearing in the wardrobe.

Wearing clothes are bounded with a number of rules as one has to consider the garment, the place, color of the dress according to the skin tone etc. But wearing jewellery is bound with no rules. A simple pearl beaded necklace looks elegant on any type of event and different costumes. Jewellery adds to the way that you dress. It gives a complete look. The craze of pearls is seen even today. Pearls look great in any form. It may be ring, necklace, anklets or bangles. Fashion of wearing pearls is never out. It is an evergreen material and can be adorned any time round the year.

A pearl enriches one's beauty with gold, silver and white polish. Even if accompanied with diamond or any other kind of gem it is able to maintain its charm. Pearls are available with the wide variety. There are plenty of sizes and colors in pearl. The shapes in which pearls are generally seen are round, square, button, drop, oval etc. Round pearls are difficult to find, but they give a great look when adorned in a piece of jewellry. Pearls also are available in a variety of lengths such as collar which is 10 to 13 inches long, choker which is 16 to 18 inches long, princess which is 17 to 20 inches long etc.

Pearls are made naturally or cultivated. Now days they have been cultivated in a number of countries. Natural pearls are quite expensive but cultured once are at affordable rates. Cultivated pearls can either be made of fresh water or salt water. There are three types of salt water pearls- the Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian. Mikimoto ranges highest in the quality, Akoya is white, silver or cream in color and others are of darker shade. These pearls are valuable than the fresh water pearls. Pearl jewellery may cost more than diamond jewellery. It is life time treasure which can be passed from generation to generation.

It is very important to choose the right kind of pearl. Some important observances should be kept in mind while purchasing it. Luster of the pearl is the most important point which has to be focused on. The quality of the pearl can be judged by the kind the luster it has. One should be able to see the reflection on the pearl. The surface of the pearl should not be with any kind of unevenness, spots etc. To get the idea of the thickness one can rub the pearl on the teeth. If there is a rough feel it has good thickness.

It is recommended that the young should prefer wearing a small piece of pearl to give a delicate look. The older ones can prefer long sized pearl to enhance their personality.

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