Irish jewelry originated from a very rich tradition. Therich color, the intertwining patterns, and the incomparable designs, all theseare inspirations from the Celtic ancestors. The symbols come from the greatepics of Celtic heroes and heroines and eventually became the symbols of IrishCeltic jewelry in the modern times. These jewelries, including the Irishwedding jewelry, were inspired from the Celtic art. The art basically involvescomplex symbols, often asymmetrical, without using straight lines. The art havebeen influenced by the different cultures of Central Europe but originated fromthe Iron Age era in 1000 BC. Ireland has a long line of Celtic heritage, and tothis day, they have been into Celtic art and jewelry giving so much moreattention to the different symbolism it connotes.

The Celtic Symbols

Although there have been some information regarding themeaning of Celtic symbols, there is no concrete record from the Celtic peopleof what each design really means. The knot designs of the popular Irish Celticjewelry is quite a hit, such that it becomes great gifts to jewelry lovers. TheCeltic knot is also known as an infinity piece and has been noted in religiousart history. In some manuscripts, it has been observed in decorating people'sclothing and jewelries and even tattooed in bodies of Celtic people. Becausethe knots design is frequently used, some studies insinuated its differentmeanings like it represents spirituality, life, and mankind. There are some whosays Irish Celtic jewelry with a knot design can ward off bad spirits, whileothers refer the infinite knot to an eternal life.

Some Meanings of Celtic Jewelry

There are Irish jewelry lovers who make an interconnectionwith the pieces they own or wish to get in the future. The intertwining piecesof Irish Celtic jewelry can come in squares, spirals, circles, and even humanand animal images. When you think of getting an Irish jewelry to fight off evilspirits and other negative intentions, square designs are the right choice. Aperfect design that represents rebirth is the spiral piece, while animals andhumans interlaced in a knot is a perfect depiction of nature and man'sstruggles. It also shows the relationship of man versus man, of nature and man,and a complete representation showing how man is dependent on nature. The lifeand death cycle is what is being symbolized by circular designs, especially inIrish wedding jewelry, a wonderful picture of an eternal cycle.

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