Ethical fashion involves taking into consideration the various people behind the clothes we wear and the environment. Ethical fashion can be defined as the product resulting from the hard work of fairly paid and considered workers. It is made from sustainable and affordable fabrics like organic cotton and by using traditional techniques like vegetable dyes, low impact fiver reactive dyes, thus proving to be on the healthy basis as the product for the farmer as well as the worker and finally for the wearer.

The clothing industry is complex and all the clothes we wear have a story behind them. All the steps involved in the production of these trendy clothes affect the people working to grow cotton, to weave the fabric and make them. They also effect the environment that we live in. In today's climatic conditions, there is a clear view taken up towards both organic as well as environment friendly clothing lines. This ethical fashion industry is really booming up. With the real rise in environmental fashion, you can find anything in the organic products section starting from right from the eco-jeans to anything like wooden lingerie.

Apart from clothing, the fashion accessories have adopted the same trend with things like high heels, totes which are eco-friendly, purses and lot more. Whilst many want to make a personal impact with regard to this issue, there are chances that the female population might move away considering it to be ugly, stiff, expensive, uncomfortable or for any other reasons. Today, eco-friendly products are made available without any compromise for the quality as well as the style. They keep changing with the new trend arriving in town. This is corroborated by the fact that Levi's have brought out the new Eco-jeans which are seemed to be emblazoned along with the alphabet "E" placed on the right leg on the bottom line, which is itself an eco-status symbol.

Another query which prevailed years back was the unawareness in buying fashion forward organic clothing. London fashion has stepped forward to promote organic ethical clothing. Retailers including Marks and Spencer's, Top Shop, Zara, Next, European fashion chain and the USA's Banana Republic are all specializing in "going green".

The use of organic materials in designing has become a second nature to the designers everywhere as they are focused on saving this earth and also providing quality products to the consumers. Many companies are trying to produce clothes in a way which benefits people and does not damage the environment. Recycling and customization are also being adopted by companies. Customers should make an effort to use clothes that have organic standards ad Fair trade standards, which make sure that the workers are paid a fair wage.

One of the main driving forces of ethical fashion boom is public awareness. The present trend states that the people are becoming more concerned about the quantity rather than the quality. At the same time, you can also find many of the &sec=article&uinfo=<%=server.URLEncode(1796)%>" target="_blank">designers who represent their skill by producing exclusive designer wears with exceptional fabrics. It is not necessary that we should be non-environment friendly to be on the glamour side of view. Let us be a part of the movement which rids the world of unethical clothing, helping to stamp out sweat shops exploitation and child labor in the clothing industry. Think healthy, wear healthy, live healthy. Make a positive choice -Live green. Women's organic Clothing