Time is important. For people on the go, owning a watch is of extreme importance. The need to be on time is the way of life on this fast-paced earth. Watches come in all shapes and forms. All functioning the way it should, telling you the time. Since you are going to look at your watch several times a day, you might as well be looking at something appealing, nice, and attractive. Watches are necessities as well as accessories. Which watch should you pick and for what purpose?

1. Sports

In sports, watches are important as it shows you how fast you are traveling. There are specialty watches for flying, running, racing and the like. These watches are mostly digital and can double up as a stopwatch. They are usually durable and could withstand air pressure and shock. Some watches can measure speed over time. It has navigational bezels for this purpose. Other watches can even store lap time. Usually these watches are big and bulky. Sport watches should be tough enough, not to mention, very sporty looking.

2. Work

It is best to select watches that have clear dials and a second hand. Some watches have built-in timers or alarms in it, which will remind you of your deadlines and your appointments. Select the one that has a day and date as well, so you need not check your planner for that. Work watches are the ones commonly used compared to the other type of watches. It would be best to select one with a good metal bracelet; it is more durable than the leather ones. Leather bracelets will wear out over time as perfume, perspiration, and water damage them. Even jobs in medical field have a specific type of watches. If you are looking for something like that, make sure you check out nurse watches.

3. Home and Leisure

If you are just lying and relaxing around the house, time isn't all that important. You can use those light-weight watches with leather bands or plastic wrist bands. This way, you won't worry about it being scratched or wet as you go around your daily household routine. For home use, select the simplest ones.

4. Formal nights

Watches should go with your dress attire during party nights or social functions. You can show off your luxury watch during such occasions. Watches that are studded with diamond and gems give a hint of elegance. Usually, these watches are thin, since they worn under the sleeves. Use the one that matches the color of your attire. Black is the most formal color and leather bracelets are advisable too.

5. Casual

If you're going to a mall or to a picnic, you can wear those trendy watches from fashion brand designers. These trendy watches are usually unique in style, color, and band material. It goes well with your casual look. When shopping for a casual watch, keep in mind, it's time to create a fashion statement with your watch!

Another important thing to consider is the movement of the watch. Movement determines the accuracy of the watch. You can select automatic or kinetic watch, so you need not replace batteries at all. But a quartz watch offers accuracy. It will not stop as long as the batteries are good. Choosing the right watch does matter. This ensures getting the utmost form and function out of it. Take into account the brand of the watch also. By doing so, you'll be able to select the right style within your price range.