It is the job of an advertisement to make its product sell. If this is the case, it is only natural that they are going to present their products in an admirable light. Same is the case with leather. But how does the customer differentiate between genuine products and fake, cheap ones tried to be sold off at the same prices. Well, here are a few tips that might come to use big time!

First ask yourself, what do we mean exactly by the term 'leather'? If you're not sure, know that the skin of any animal can be defined as leather. So if any leather product is made out of the skin of any animal, it is always right to label your product as 'Genuine Leather'.

But there is a frequent misconception that 'Genuine' things are of the best quality, and it is high time that you remove this misconception out of your head when you proceed to buy a leather product. While the skin of any animal can be stated as 'leather', 'Quality Leather' is only material that has been properly processed before garments have been made out of it. Probably, this article will be successful to help you out in identifying a quality leatherwear from an inferior one.

Some of the most prominent features of good leatherwear are its ability to stretch well and fit according to your body shape, a fine grained smooth texture and shapes up conveniently as you move different parts of your body. And last, though not the least is that all too important fashionable look that you were after in the first place!!

Lambskin Leather Jackets

The most interesting thing about a lambskin leather blazer is its high durability and its capacity to provide you with warmth, both against the winter's cold and the rough winds ( might take it metaphorically too, right?). An important thing that needs to be told here is that you must treat your jacket immediately after you buy it. And also, do not forget to add that leather protector before you start using. On an average, you'll need to treat your lambskin leather blazer twice a year to keep it perfect condition and long lasting.

Using the Right Jacket Conditioner

Now what conditioner should you use for your jacket? It is safer to stay away from things like mineral oil or petroleum. Also stay away from any type of oil or grease as these may damage your lambskin leather blazer or make hard instead of keeping it supple and soft. Use conditioners that can penetrate the pores of the leather. Conditioners like can moisturize your jacket effectively. While conditioning your jacket, also keep in mind that you do not use any coloring agent that could either discolor or tincture your jacket. Avoid conditioners such as wax or silicon based products to prevent clogging and those like Mink Oil that makes your jacket lose its natural shade and become darker day by day.

Lambskin and Moisture

The best thing about lambskin is that it keeps you really warm in cold climates. However, over exposure to moisture such as rain or snow could potentially damage your lambskin leather blazer. Hang it apart from everything else in such cases and let it dry all by itself. You will also have to remove the stains since both rain and snow can stain your jacket. Remove stains only by rubbing by suede erasers and emery boards. Do not rub your jacket with towels. To avoid all these drying hazards, probably you should always use a jacket protector, preferably a good brand like ITA.

Leather's Not All Cowhide

If you're one of those who think that cowhide is the best leather available, it is time to think again. Unlike tough cowhide, lambskin is much softer, smoother than and as durable as cowhide. So why would you choose cowhide when you have a chic and urbane alternative lambskin leather blazer at hand?

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