Microfibers are basically ultra-fine fibers which are manufactured by using Microfiber Technology. These fibers weight is less than 0.1. denier. The characteristics of these fibers are their extra durability, ultra softness and high absorbency power.

The textures of these fibers are two times finer than wool and 100 times more fine than a human hair. At present four types of synthetic microfibres are manufactured by mills- polyester, nylon, rayon and acrylic.

These microfibers are often spunned together in combination of various other yarns and result into twills, satins, terrycloth, etc. However they are not used in their natural state. When nylon microfiber spun is combined with spandex it results into a stretchable fabric commonly used as swimwear fabric.

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth gives very good results in respect to cleaning and dusting purpose. It can effectively clean even spilled or splattered oil. Although this cloth is very effective for cleaning purpose, it comes in affordable price range making it even more popular among homemakers. Now-a-days this cloth is used very commonly for this purpose taking over other clothes material previously used for cleaning and dusting.

This material is effective for cleaning purposes as it prevents the dust particles from floating in the air and thus the dust particles settles on this cloth. Green colored cloth is most preferred color of fiber cloth used for cleaning and dusting.

Microfiber cloth are also used as sports apparel and athletic garments, because this fiber keeps the cloth dry thus wearing micro-fiber clothes would keep the sportsperson dry, without much sweat. As a result athletes or sportsperson performing strenuous exercise would remain dry and comfortable. Its high quality makes these clothes so popular.
This cloth is also used as tablecloths, TV covers, dining table covers, etc. It is very durable cloth, if for instance food or drinks get spilled over a table cloth of microfiber cloth it will be as good as before after a wash as no stains would be left over the cloth after washing. These clothes could also be used to polish chrome, fixtures, windows, wood floors and granite.

Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towel has been has been a great innovation in the field of towel manufacturing. It is much more superior to its close competitor-the cotton towel. They provide comparatively more shine and dust free cleaning without any damage to the thing or your health. It has the capacity to absorb the dust particles very efficiently from the surface, say car surface. This towel can be used on various surfaces like car, truck, windows, furniture, etc. Also they have this unique property of reducing the allergens present in the air. These towels are re-usable and they are light weight and dry quicker than cotton towels. The towels come in various styles and weave which is easily available in the market. Due to its high absorbency and good cleaning results its use has become popular.

Microfiber Fabric

Microfiber fabric is also an innovation of modern science. This fabric is moisture and liquid and stain resistant. The fabric is very ideal for office wear even in rainy season as it keeps our clothes clean and dry. It is not only used for wearable clothes but also for tapestry of our furniture.

A hybrid cloth is created by blending this fabric with other fabrics like nylon and polyester, thus creating more superior quality hybrid clothes. Microfiber fabric can be textured- waffle texture, velour texture, etc. Waffle texture is used in blankets and bed coverings. The dimples created by the air pockets of this texture keep the wearer warm. Velour textured fabrics are very comfortable and soft. As far as cleaning is concerned, using soap and water is recommended. Although some manufactures do provide cleaning instructions. But on the whole it is high performance, low maintenance fabric.

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