Stiletto Shoes

Labeled super sexy in the genre of high heel shoes forwomen, stiletto shoes are most coveted by women who love to be seen a notchhigher than others, in fashion and otherwise. Read on to know more about thestylish stiletto shoes that instantly raise the sex appeal of your dress fromzero to sixty. The article also talks about the latest trends is stilettoshoes in terms of style, shape and color to help you make a moreinformed decision when you go on a stiletto shoes shopping spree next time.

What are Stiletto Shoes?

'Ultra thin shoes with ultra thin heels', is what our ultratrendy stiletto shoes can best be defined as. The popular shoe derives its namefrom 'Stiletto Dagger' which is endowed with a murderous long slenderblade. Aptly named, stiletto shoes are no less dangerous than their namesakewith the length of their heels typically varying from 4 inches to 8 inches ormore!

Stiletto shoes are sometimes also defined as shoes with heels having adiameter at the ground of less than 1 cm (slightly less than half an inch). Stiletto-styleheels shorter than 5 cm are called kitten heels.

Stiletto shoes became popular in 1950s when a thin metal rodwas placed within the heel to make it strong enough to support the weight of aperson. Today, stiletto heels have become extremely popular and are found invarious types of shoes and boots such as sling-backs, pumps, mules, ankle bootsetc. Stiletto shoes have become on and off ageing fashion accessoriesseveral times since then. The slender stiletto heels however, staged a majorcomeback after 2000, when young women adopted the style for dressing up officewear or adding a feminine touch to casual wear like jeans.

Nowadays stiletto shoes are highly popular. While the kitten heel versionshave become an everyday office and party wear, higher heel versions areassociated with the image of femme fatale and are known more their eroticnature than for their ability to make height.

Latest Trend in Stiletto Shoes

Stilettos are a hot rage these days! More and more women arerealizing the inherent power of stilettos to make the wearer look slimmer,taller and sexier. Shoe designers too are harping on the growing penchant forstiletto shoes amongst women and displaying creativity more than ever when itcomes to stiletto heels. From ballet and fetish styles to sleek and classic,there's a stiletto shoe for woman of every age, style and attitude.

Style- Stiletto shoes are available in chic and intriguing styles. Lace-up,ankle boots, knee-length, thigh high, court shoe, pumps, mules and pointed toeshoe, all genres of shoes are experimenting with spindly stiletto heels and arebeing lapped up by fashion conscious ladies.

To further accentuate the fun of sleek and sexy stilettoshoes, designers are playing with buckles, zippers, clasps to glitter,rhinestones, crystals and more. Two tones, flames, animal prints are alsomaking a mark in stiletto shoes.

Shape- A popular trend observed in stiletto shoes these days are pointed toeshoes. These shoes are slender and elongated in shape just as the stilettoheel themselves and make the foot appear smaller and sexier. However, womenalso have the option of going in for more rounded or squared toe stiletto shoesif the slimmer versions are bit too uncomfortable for them.

Color- A lot of experimentation can be seen in terms of colors when it comesto stilettos shoes. Classic shades of brown, grey and black are sharingshelf space with the bolder and flirty tones of deep red, purple, white, pink,yellow and green. Gold, silver, clear and glitter are also catching attentionat the same time.

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