The appearance and touch of handloom rugs are indeed unique and best suited to decorate homes. When you decide to buy a hand knotted rug, you must bear in mind a few things that impact the value of the rug. The quality of wool is critically important as it adds shine to the rugs. Rugs made of wool have become increasingly popular for two reasons- they last longer and are able to withstand relatively rough usage.

The weaving process is central to the quality of the rug. The number of knots per square inch is pertinent in determining the quality of the rug. If the knot count is more, then the weave becomes more closely knit but the cost also accordingly goes up. Some of the superior quality rugs have from 400 to 700 knots per square inch whereas most commonplace rugs have on an average 90 to 250 knots per square inch. From these figures, you might as well visualize hoe time-consuming and tedious it is to handcraft these fabulous looking rugs.

The rug is first subjected to a chemical wash and is then rinsed with water to give the rug a thorough cleaning. The chemical wash helps to soften the yarn and provide the rug with a silky feel. The rug is then exposed to the sun to dry. Hand-Woven rugs are usually made by artisans in rural areas. The handloom process will obviously mean two rugs may not be identical and each rug will have some slight variation. All finished handloom rugs are subject to total quality control to ensure durability. These are heavy weight rugs that spread perfectly flat on the floor and will not curl or bunch up like other rugs. Several handloom rugs are also reversible and they have the same high quality and color on both sides. There are a wide range of yoga rugs available in the market and these rugs have enough padding to provide a soft touch and comfortable feeling. They come in different colors and sizes as per the customer's requirements. Specifically designed, these yoga rugs have absorbent surface and are easily washable.

If you are really a lover of rugs, you will surely appreciate rugs that have a unique blending of traditional designs and with the contemporary tastes that match the different home dcor. When you visit a handloom rug dealer, you will be amazed at the collection of rugs that are colorful, in a variety of designs and so appealing to suit various interiors of homes. These rugs are made from cotton or wool and are a perfect mix of aesthetics and utility.

It is indeed unfortunate that the handloom rug making units are under threat of closure as they are encountering stiff competition globally from power loom units. Especially in developing countries, suicides and starvation deaths of handloom workers are being increasingly reported due to unemployment. As a matter of fact, handloom rugs and carpets is an age-old profession practiced by village artisans. Initially the rugs were made out of animal skin to protect men from weather and provide comfort. In subsequent centuries, the rug became a status symbol in most homes. Having at least one handloom rug in one's home was deemed an asset and hallmark of one's standing in society. Extending hospitality to guests was by laying a red rug to walk on and gifting the best-woven rug.

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