Shell India Pvt. Ltd. Country Chairman Mr. Vikram Mehta presented a speech on The Energy Challenge: How will it impact global petrochemicals and the development of the Industry in India? During the Annual Indian Plastics Federation Conference on 6th March 2009, India

The speaker presents a view from Shell about the challenge the world faces in powering the global economy in the years to 2050 and beyond. At the heart of this challenge is energy. Its the driving force behind the worlds economic growth and prosperity, and two key energy resources, oil and gas, are the lifeblood of today's global petrochemical sector. In March 2009, it looks like we face a tough road ahead, particularly in the light of the current global economic malaise. But as the saying goes: when the going gets tough, the tough get going. For the petrochemical sector, globally and here in India, the energy challenge holds significant new business opportunities for the toughest and most creative players.

Let's explore the challenge.

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