Thermomigration is a general term, used to describe the diffusion of disperse dyes out of dyed or printed polyester fibre during heat treatments, and their accumulation on the fibre surface. With the introduction of the permanent press finish, there were considerable problems with polyester/cotton qualities due to thermomigrated dyes.

Thermomigration is a complex phenomenon and it can be governed by several factors viz., type of fibre, chemical constitution of disperse dye, dye content in the substrate, finishing agent applied etc.

The present work was undertaken to obtain general information on the role of the following factors on the amount of thermomigrated dyes and their subsequent effect on washing and rubbing fastnesses.

  • Dye energy levels.
  • Dye concentration on dyed fabrics.
  • Time of thermal treatment.
  • Type of finishing agents and their concentrations.

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About the Authors

The authors are associated with Department of Textile Chemistry, Faculty of Technology & Engineering, The M S University of Baroda.