It is an art of personal ornamentation. It is the study ofarranging materials and objects for adornment of men & women. Designinginvolves skill, creativity, & originality with an ability to visualizeideas observing, recording and analyzing from things around us.

Designers often find their richest sources of inspirationthrough their experiences with nature, religion, art, literature, music anddreams. Sometimes the Designer himself wants to express itself creatively, butdoesn't know where to begin. There are two distinct parts to the process ofinspiration. First, the designer must accept and acknowledge the possibility ofinspiration and secondly, the designer must surrender in faith to the source ofinspiration. So whenever we design any piece of jewellery we need someinspiration that comes in mind through some sources. Design is highly influencedby source of inspiration. What we see, feel, hear greatly influences our creativity& expression. By and large, the visual information obtained influences adesign the most.

These major design sources are around us in abundance whichcan inspire one self to design jewellery:

Natural Sources:

These includes all God-gifted nature, varieties of flora,fauna, insects, birds, animals, shells, trees & other forms of life. Onecan either duplicate or create abstracts. Abstraction consists of using partand piece of original forms and combining forms or altering them to create anew form.

Nature is an endless ocean of ideas. Observation &expression influenced by nature can result in interesting new forms &ideas. Natural sources are widely used in entire world. An expertly craftedpiece of jewellery can capture forever the life-like qualities of an animal onthe run, a bird in flight, blooming flowers, butterflies, insects or fish. Suchjewellery remains a perennial favourite, never seeming to go out of style.

Man Made Sources:

These are innumerable things created by man. Drawing can bedone by using ideas or motif from different kinds of fabrics, utensils, building,machinery, instruments etc. Working with these ideas or motifs gives youdifferent experiences, a chance to discover something new through permutations& combinations Man made sources.

Historical Sources:

These are found from museums, historical monuments, libraries,sculptures, vases, calligraphy painting and ancient jewellery & otherartifacts. History has witnessed magnificent art periods like Medieval,Egyptian, Baroque, Art Nouvean, Art Deco, etc that are rich in expression &inspiration. Fusion of conservative & contemporary ideas & re-interpretationof ancient art forms can give birth to a new & original style. All therecent Creativity is the blend of ancient with modern ideas.

Symbolic Sources:


These includes emblems, religious symbols, Zodiac signs,organizational signs & symbols, occupational symbols, monograms &logos, alphabets or geometric symbols, cartoons, etc. These are good source ofdesign & inspiration. The combination & use of different shapes &styles help us visualize new combination and composition.

Themes & Concepts:

If a designer thinks with an open mind he can realize a deepconcept or theme in every art form and the same way he can incorporate &express a variety of themes in his jewellery designs for instance nature,politics, social, religious, etc.

Magazines, Catalogues, Books, Photographs, visits to jewellerystores, exhibitions are some other useful sources of information &inspiration but it is important to maintain your own style & originality.


Besides the above stated symbols and motifs ,there have been various other objects to be used to design jewellery but Flowers, Sun, Moon, Stars, birds & animals are frequently used in Indian Jewellery. The heavenly bodies have been a source of awe and inspiration for human since time immemorial and no wonder these found a way into jewellery too.

The author is Asstt. Professor of Jewellery Designing.