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In the past a number of new spinning technologies have been introduced to compete with ring spinning. While the air-jet spinning and friction spinning both has application in specific markets, the open-end rotor system eliminating roving, winding has been very successful and grabbed a considerable share of the short-stapled cotton spinning market, as this system achieved tremendous increase in the production against Ring spinning. Though this system's productivity is more when compared to other systems. Other quality parameters limited the commercial application of its yarn to the coarse counts. Among all technologies. Still conventional ring spinning remains uncontested on quality standards and continues to dominate the high value added yarn markets.

During the last two decades components of ring spinning machines have been greatly improved, changes in drafting system, drive systems and robotics have enabled large gains in productivity, flexibility and quality. Most of the technical advances in ring spinning were aimed at improving the performances on the existing technology.

In recent years, however a bonofied innovation has occurred. It is called compact or condensed spinning, because it minimizes width and height of the spinning triangle associated with ring spinning

Several experts have described the technical principles of compact spinning that result in a more organized structure without peripheral fibers and with a better twist distribution. As a result of this enhanced structure. It has been shown to effectively improve yarn quality and enhanced structure its performance during downstream processing and now is undisputed accomplishment.

With the market introduction of "Compact Ring Spinning" in late 1990s, the situation in ring spinning has changed fundamentally. In all relevant quality criteria. Genuine condensed or compact yarns are substantially superior to conventional ring yarn to such a degree that it is no longer possible to speak of a standard market value. In the best sense of the word. This is a revolution in ring spinning and even at this point in time. One can categorically say that the future belongs to compact yarns. Compact spinning technique can be used universally for all raw materials, blends as well as for the complete count range without restriction.

In compact spinning the spinning triangle associated with conventional ring spinning is eliminated by pneumatic compaction this happens by suction and compaction on a perforated revolving drum/ apron in the front zone of the drafting

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The author is specialized in Compact Spinning, having 2 decades of rich experience in reputable groups and mills. He is also the writer of a book on "Statistical quality control".