By  : Linda Kaun
Spread your news stories directly to your target audience with the power of online press release distribution.

The old media format of sending a press release to specific media-be they magazines, TV, radio, or newspapers-and hoping a journalist would pickup the story is not so relevant in today's online world.

Consumers, your B2B clients, or specific industry media sites are just as likely to find your news online....if you know how to write an effective online press release.

What Are the Benefits?

Online release distribution can:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Increase your company's visibility
  • Attract writers and bloggers to cover your story

What Should You Write About?

  • Your new product launch
  • Nominations for or awards won
  • Key personnel changes
  • Upcoming trade shows
  • Innovations you bring to the marketplace
  • Speaking engagements
  • Been to an industry conference?
  • Sponsoring a charity event?
  • Use your imagination to keep your name in view

How is the Online Release Different?

There are several differences between the old style releases and those used today. The key is this shift toward a wider audience. You still want to write your release to the media you're seeking to cover your story, but realize anyone can read it online.

With that in mind, don't write a press release. Write a full news story. The online viewer will read it directly. Plus any journalist is likely to incorporate major sections of your story into their final article.

Certain restrictions don't apply any longer.

Releases can be longer than the old rule of one page double-spaced. Now a 500-word press release, or less, is quite standard. And you don't have to have all the main information of who, what, when, where, how and why in the first paragraph. Plus you can now openly promote your company, program or services in your press release.

Do keep in mind this is still a news release. The story must have a newsworthy angle to it.

Getting the Most Out of your Online Press Release

Ask yourself these questions: What do you want to accomplish with this release? What's your goal? Introduce your new collection? Tell about your trade show award? Be clear on this and stick to the point.

Then you need to decide who your target audience is. Even though others can read this online, you still need to pick a target and keep it focused. If you have different target audiences, write different releases.

Remember this is Internet based: Be sure to select your keywords and keyword phrases and optimize your release. This is very important to get the results you want. Think about what terms people will be using in their search. Don't take up valuable space with your company name as a keyword ... that's not necessarily what people are looking for.

Fit your keywords into your headlines and subheads: Make sure you have links back to your website or specific landing page. Getting people to visit your website and sign in to your system is your underlying goal.

If you have an offer of a free white paper, a video or audio report, guide them to the sign up page or section so you can continue to send them information.

Another consideration is photos. Rather than put them in the release itself, again, link people back to your website by telling them they can download photos there.

It's also easy to add audio or video clips to the release. This expands your range of media outlets to cover your story.

In addition, some of the online distribution companies let people view your website inside an active window right on the press release.

Don't forget your call to action. This is the whole point of your press release: Tell people exactly what you want them to do. Call this number to order, click here to sign up for your free white paper, go here to the website and sign up for a newsletter, make your reservations here.

You'll know if the press release was successful or not by how many viewers followed through on the call to action.

As an added tip-be sure you double-check each link and every phone number you're asking people to call-before you send it out.

How do you distribute your press release to the online world? I suggest you use one of the paid services for this, such as There are others more expensive and some that are free. The free sites do not always distribute your release though. Many simply post it on their own website.

Don't forget to add your release to your own website as well. By having a news or press section, you can keep viewers updated with current news of your company.

What's your latest news? Use the power of the Internet to spread the word about your company to the global marketplace. Why not get started today?

About the Author

Linda Kaun of 'Linda Kaun Copywriting' works with marketing managers at B2B textile companies whose written marketing communication materials are not effectively generating the leads and sales they need, either off or online. Her copywriting brings higher responses, more qualified leads and greater ROI.