Denim washing is known as one of the finishing treatment that has vast usage because of creating special appearance and updating clothes. Washing jean clothes are being developed and technology of denim washing is the main part of clothes Industry. In current study, comparison of different washing methods is considered. Different methods of denim washing including the use of pumice stone, neutral and acid cellulases and also combination of pumice stone and cellulases. The change of color of resulting samples are compared by the reflecting colorimeter of inside garment, outside garment and pocket material after doing experiments. Tensile of samples is measured, XRD spectrum and crystalline degree also monitored. Furthermore, the surfaces of fibers in treated samples have been observed by SEM images. The result of experiments shows that neutral cellulases produced a fabric with higher lightness and increasing of enzyme adding to back staining. Denim treatment with 100% o.w.f pumice stone alone wasn't effective. However, combination of 100% pumice stone with cellulases showed a good washing effect.

Keywords: Denim, Stone washing, Back-staining, Lightness, Cellulases, Pumice stone

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About the Authors

The authors are associated with Department of Textile Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology and Postgraduate Department, South Branch of Tehran Azad University, Tehran, Iran, respectively.