Designer gear - Hey listen up guys and gals, what is it with you all, feeling depressed over the fact that you dont fit in with todays modern society all because you can not afford to wear the latest in designer gear. It is not the end of the world, and yes I agree, life is one big struggle trying to make ends meet - but remember, there are people out their fighting for survival to put a crust on the table in famine stricken countries, and their only thoughts are to keep the one and only shirt on their back - rather than making a bob or two to wear a designer one with a posh label sewn on the back.

You know - and I know that not all of the latest in designer gear will suit us personally, this could be due to our size, certain colours, or purely because it is a hideous new range. Well is this not more reason to take a rain check on the outfits that already line the rails in your wardrobe and do something with them. Remember when you first purchased these garments - it would have been because you liked them at the time, so why not like them now. Do something with them, how? That is simple, start by freshening them up. A sure way of changing the look of an outfit is by the accessories you choose to wear to compliment them.

Your image will most definitely alter that dress of the sixties that you forgot you had hanging in the closet. A different hairstyle, a different shade of lipstick and in some cases another partner on your arm, (do not break off an engagement purely for this) will speak volumes.

Designer gear is for the rich and for fashion icons that live beyond their means, who then find themselves struggling to pay the bills all because they felt the need to be in fashion for the day.

Why not consider taking a few ideas from the latest in designer gear and add them to your garments. For example: take the sleeves off a jacket and replace the buttons with different coloured ones, sew a motif onto the lapel or place a brooch instead. A blouse - depending on the material can be altered to a waistcoat design. Add beads or glitter to a belt. Shoes that you find scuffed - then stain them another colour (make sure to use the right product) The options are endless to make that - once pride of joy of yours (outfit) more updated to compete with the latest designer gear, who knows your creative talent may well shine through.

Hey listen up guys and gals once again - with what you save you could donate a few pennies to the people in them famine poverty stricken countries. These poor unfortunate people know where their priorities lie and it is not with wearing the latest in designer gear.

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