China Int' Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show (CISMA) is a noteworthy trade fair in the field of Sewing and Apparel machinery. Show which is now organized biennially carries with it legacy of 20 years of providing best platform for exhibitors.

The show is sponsored and organized by China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA). CISMA has played an crucial part in bringing technological up gradation to the limelight and making industry aware about innovations in the filed by providing a common platform for buyers and sellers to meet and grow their business and find out deployment opportunities.

Rear view: CISMA 2007

With an area of 2,000 m2 in 1987 CISMA started in 1987 and growing vigorously after that CISMA 2007 was organized in a big way with total area of 103,500 m2. CISMA 2007 marked presence of approximately 43,059 professional visitors who spans across 94 countries. From 43,059 visitors 11.2% are overseas buyers. Of all the visitors of CISMA 2007manufacturers accounted for 15.2%, 10.3% of dealers, users (apparel, accessories, and footwear factories) accounted for 71.4%, others (information, technology services, the media, etc.) accounted for 3.1%. Approximately 1,277 enterprises participated in the fair from which 206 exhibitors and 1071 were from home.

CISMA 2009:

The new addition of China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show, CISMA 2009, is being held at Shanghai New International EXPO Center (SNIEC) between 22-24 September in Shanghai.

Like its preceding shows, this time also the show is being organized by China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA). China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA) is a noteworthy association set up by enterprises, institutions and local organizations in order to lift and support Chinese sewing machinery industry.

CISMA 2009 expects to attract approximately 50,000 professional visitors. For the very first time since its inception, CISMA is including 5,000sqm Garment Material and Accessories Division", so that make garment producer aware about new trends in Garment making chain.


Apart from this, the show will have exhibitors from different categories including Design, IT system, Pre-sewing, Sewing and stitching, Embroidery, Pressing and Finishing, Distribution & Logistics.

&sec=article&uinfo=<%=server.URLEncode(2122)%>" target="_blank">Fibre2fashion spoke with some of the exhibitors and industry people in order to know sentiments about the show. Following summary of their feedback is presented.

Henrik Moelleken, Manager Central Marketing, Durkopp Adler

Dürkopp Adler will present among the total of 47 exhibited machines the following product highlights including new technological development at CISMA:

  1. For the Garment section the newly developed special chainstitch machines class 175, 176 and 179 which are setting new standards for the processing of difficult-to-feed materials for outerwear.
  2. For the Industrial section (home and car upholstery, technical textiles and shoes) further new models of the very successful M-Type series: The new free arm machine class 669, which due to its design and technical features allows to realize innovative processing possibilities for technical textiles, leather goods, leather clothing and fancies, as well as the new class "567 M-Type", which offers outstanding sewing parameters at an affordable price level.

When asked about expectations from CISMA Mr. Moelleken replied "At the coming CISMA we expect that important future trends for our markets, especially in Asia, will be unveiled and we will experience where the recovering of the markets will take place first. Thus, this exhibition comes in the right time to become an important trend indicator."

Regarding motivation behind attending CISMA, Mr. Moelleken explained for Drkopp Adler the participation at the CISMA 2009 has been unquestioned all the time as the CISMA is for Drkopp Adler one of the most important trade fairs in the Asian region.


Mr. Masanao Shinohara, Group Leader, Marketing Dept., Yamato Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Yamato is going to present following machines at CISMA

  • For knit wear,
    • VC2790G-8F, "Streamline" cylinderbed interlock stitch machine for stress-free operation, which can enhance both productivity and finishing quality.
    • AZ7000SD-8 Class, Overlock machine with "Speed & Dry finish" technology for achieving both high productivity by high machine speed and good quality & minimized   downtime.
    • AZF8420/K2/RS25, Cylinder bed, top/bottom feeding overlock machine, with labor-saving device for rib attaching for your improved productivity and neater finish.
    • UTL, Automatic Thread Trimmer with Anti-unravel Function for you to forget worry about unravel of the interlock seam.
  • In making ladys underwear ACCU-10, Computerized Accurate Elastic Tension Controller for accurate finish and minimized downtime, plus much possibility in further expanded functions

    • FD-62DRY series, Feed-off-the-Arm, Magic DRY Flatsemaer which helps obtain stain-free finish of garments, without sacrificing machine performance.
    • AZ8020SD-8/ABT20/Y, Automatic Back-tacker with Straight Chain Casting technolog
  • Varieties of 4 needle interlock stitch / flatseaming machines for your value-added products in both outlooking and function for making athletic/sport casual wear


Yamato is attending CISMA with very specific thought process and believes that this is the right time for company to let those who are seriously trying to be the winner that Yamato is there to work with them and overcome the difficult time.  

According to Mr. Masanao Shinohara, displaying their machines in CISMA can help Yamato convince visitors that right choice of equipment and positive investment helps them save in the end of the day. And, Yamato can be their right partner to achieve that.


Mr. Luca Mosso, Marketing Manager, MACPI Italy

A leading Italy based manufacturer of equipment for jacket, trouser and shirts finishing MACPI believes, CISMA has always been a very important show to attend for their company. Although not participating this time due to some constraints, MACPI had been participating in CISMA since last 10-12 years continuously in order to promote their products in very critical Chinese and Far East market to maintain our market share and to develop new contacts.

Mr. Luca Mosso thinks this show will be important to understand and verify the tiny signal of recovery after the heavy economic downturn

So, overall sentiments shows optimistic outlook for the CISMA 2009 and industry feels CISMA will prove to be a useful platform to showcasing their innovations in sewing technologies, to communicate with their customers in an effective way and to come up with a positive outcome in an otherwise unwelcoming business scenario.