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The global fashion apparel industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy in terms of investment, revenue, and trade and employment generation all over the world. Apparel industry has short product life cycles, tremendous product variety, volatile and unpredictable demand, long and inflexible supply processes. The industry has been in a transition over the last 20 years.

Clothing makes a statement, and ultimately people are judged by their fashion selections the minute they step outside. Fashion is no longer only for the rich and thanks to the development of fashion retailing it is available for the majority at affordable prices. Fashion clothing is fast moving from a once utilitarian and functional product towards an inspirational and more psychologically uplifting aspect of consumer purchasing. Fashion is not only to be found at 'haute couture' fashion shows, but can be found on the street or even in charity or secondhand shops. Good fashion buyers leave no stone unturned as to where they seek inspiration for the next fashion trend. Being out and about looking in clubs, street markets, parks and beaches-in fact, most public places-is part of the daily Iife of the best fashion buyers. People buy the newest styles to establish themselves as individuals, but the styles aren't new for very long. Soon they turn into trends, with everyone parading around town in the same clothes. This cycle allows people to once again purchase a unique item of clothing, re-establishing their individuality.

Here in comes the fashion retailing where the tastes of consumers are brought into light in the forms and shapes of basic silhouettes and costumes preferred. The ability of fashion retailers quickly to deliver the latest fashion looks of the shop floor is now an imperative as fashion styles and trends to change at increasing speed and regularity. This concept is not so very new to Indian retailers too. There are a number of fashion retailers, developed, developing and yet to develop in this ever glorious area of success. So, fashion retailing is gaining its own Elysium of fame. Some choose to wear the latest styles, trying to place themselves among the elite strata of the society. But regardless of whether it's "in" or "out," people are conscious of the choices they make.

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D. Gopalakrishnan is associated with South India Institute of Fashion Technology, Coimbatore, S. Sakthivel is with Department of Fashion Technology, Angels College of Engineering & Technology, Tirupur and K. Santhoshkumar is with the Department of Fashion Technology, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

Originally published in Textile Review, August 2009