Information Technology is at the core of any company across any industry today, helping retailers, brands & manufacturers ease their flow of operations and refine their functioning. When we talk of the apparel & textile industry, the situation is no different. Textile software is being increasingly used to help producers foster efficiencies of cost and time in their processes.

As competition stiffens, more and more companies are taking support of IT to enhance their Supply Chain Management as well as data storage systems. A growing number of textile companies are leveraging the power of technology to add value to their business.

Textile Software-Big Help for Manufacturers, Brands & Retailers of apparel

  • With the use of PDM & PLM software, manufacturers can maintain a centralized database of product information. The information so collected can be easily accessed and updated anytime and anywhere.
  • Textile software fosters collaboration of data and information at various levels. As a retailer or manufacturer, you can collaborate with global product teams, vendors, other manufacturers and agents, etc., by simply using your software application.
  • Software applications are built using a stringent development methodology and subjected to rigorous quality checks. Consequently, these applications not only automate organizational operations, but also drastically reduce the risk of errors. Manufacturers can therefore access updated information and history without concern that they are working on "old" information.
  • With all information being available at your desk, you can easily do away with delays in deliveries or miscommunication etc. In short, the use of software in textile industry can help company's lower overall costs.
  • The use of technology is a big boon for marketing and sales personnel. Ready access to real-time data boosts their chances of convincing potential customers and closing orders. Sales people on the go have access to new product information with images, prices etc. anywhere they go through the web.
  • Access to accurate, updated information also means that textile manufacturers can make way for a higher degree in the quality of their products. The software applications used by them will help them monitor quality testing at various levels and thereby ensure that the end product exceeds expectations.
  • More than anything else, it is important for a manufacturer to facilitate tractability in his supply chain operations. Reporting tools provided by textile software fosters complete visibility into the supply chain, thereby allowing you to track and resolve issues as and when they arise.

If you are a textile manufacturer or apparel brand, the use of textile software will enable you to automate your operations and therefore focus your attention on more important issues. WFX is one of the leading names in textile software companies. Our Web PDM (Product Data Management) and PLM (product life cycle management) software is ideal for use in the fashion and apparel industry.