They are a purely decorative item drawing attention to the hand and arms.

There are two type of bracelets; The Stiff bangle either oval or round, which can be made with or without clasp and the flexible bracelet made of linked chain or series of motifs fastened together. Bracelets may be designed so that they are of the same width all the way around or they may be taped so that they are wide at the front and narrow at the back. Another design may consist of a simple band, crowned with a major motif centered on the upper side of the wrist. Bracelets made of linked chain are often used to suspended charms.

Women with a very small wrist should stumble on the bracelet worn low on the arm will be very nice. If her arms are too thin they will appear round if the bracelet is made of slender chains and perhaps set with small stones. A very wide band will make too slim arms appear bony and unattractive. If Wrist bone is prominent, a plain bracelet should be avoided.

A pleasantly slender wrist calls for striking bracelet that will catch and hold the eye however, If the hands or nails are quite short, the bracelet should be worn somewhat higher on the arm, It should be slightly above the wrist bone.

On heavier wrist a chunky, three dimensional bracelets will give the impression of more elegant. If the arm is heavy, a bulky, built out design will balance the large size. In general, the larger and bulkier the bracelet, the smaller the unit of the wrist and the hand will appear chubby.

A great part of mail youth is having an emerging craze to wear bracelets. They prefer yellow gold bracelet or sterling silver bracelet in one of the traditional chain styles. Apart from gold and silver, alternative materials as titanium, tungsten, gunmetal, carbide, wood and stainless steel are becoming the new standard in youth's jewelry.

While designing or selecting a bracelet it is important to consider the type of activities that the bracelet will be worn for, if the woman engages in active sports and she should avoid delicate & charms bracelets. However, if the bracelet is to be worn for formal and evening occasions where it will receive little bragger, more elaborated design, filigree, gem stones studded, drops dangler or charm can be worn. One important thing also considers that is lock system of bracelets. It should be in proper manner. Some popular clasps are used i.e. Box clasp, Hook, Toggle or Lobster claw. Box Clasp is one of the most secure clasps, Hook is less secure than other clasps.

Lobster claw fastener fits a round ring into an oval clasp & Toggle clasp has a bar that fits through a ring to connect a chain. It is decorative as well as utilitarian. Due to beauty of this clasp, most of the customers have made it their first preference.

There is a certain size for the Bracelets to be worn i.e. Women's bracelets: 6.5-7.1/4 inches & Men's bracelets: 8.5 to 9.5 inches & Bangles size 2.25-2.75 inches in diameter.

Bracelet is the first statement of once personality. So be careful while selecting your bracelet. For a modern and casual look one can opt for beaded Bracelet, gold Bracelet, diamond Bracelet or Bracelet made with gemstones. While Designing Bracelet, designers experiment with different looks and textures, different settings and designs with geometric shapes, different kinds of metal and finish with diamonds and precious stones. Their unmatched beauty and the extrinsic craftsmanship also make them ideal as gift items.