Till last decade manufactures were trying hard to inbuilt fundamental requirements like strength, abrasion resistance, elongation, evenness, imperfection, colour fastness, good sew ability, etc., Now with the passage of time and advancement on the technology front, users requirements have become more demanding. For life of apparel or any other textile articles, fulfilling the fundamental and basic requirements are not going to serve the desired purpose. There is a need to protect the seams from ultra- violet rays that can damage the threads. Once seam strength is lost, stitched articles will no longer be able to survive.

Think of marine boats, awnings and articles serving in open sky for years. Under typical climatic conditions such articles are well taken care as far as quality and life at their fabric are concerned. In this paper we present a discussion on importance of UV repellency finishing on sewing threads and application of UV repellence finish on sewing thread and its developments and testing of respective finishing.


Sewing thread is considered to have been the first textile material. History tells us that some 25000 years ago sewing threads were made by the persons living in caves and jungles by rubbing and twisting together the long fur fibres pulled from animal skins. The crude threads, by means of needle, were used to join animal skins to form the primitive clothing of the early civilization. In the sewing thread one of the most revealing factor is, responsible for degrading the strength of seams is the exposure of articles to sun, the main source of ultra-violet rays for through durability of seams. The sewing thread has to have excellent resistance to ultra violet light. Ultra Violet Rays are a part of spectrums of electro-magnetic radiation emitted by sun. The severely damage the thread it exposed continuously for long periods.

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About the Authors

P. Aravin Prince is Lecturer in Dept. of Apparel Technology, S.S.M. Institute Textile Technology & Polytechnic College, Komarapalayam, Namakkal, T.N. and S. Grace Annapoorani is Head, Department of Costume Design & Fashion, Bharathidasan College of Arts and Science, Erode, T.N