A man has many different options when it comes to hisneckwear. Depending on what he is attending, his neckwear should compliment himand match the setting. He will wear something completely different in a casualenvironment as he would in an elegant venue and the same goes for his neckties.Complimenting the outfit with the right necktie is essential. Make sure youhave the right look for the event you are going to, and you will be good to go!

Elegant Attire

When you need to go to a black tie event, you willdefinitely need to dress the part to the fullest. You cannot walk in there withjeans and a t-shirt on, and you cannot walk in there with a striped tie oneither. For formal events, you need to wear something that is equally as formalas the setting. While the Classic Silk Tie from Royal Silk USA is a good optionfor a sit down dinner or cocktail event, sometimes you need to escalate yourlook a tad more for higher-class events. For a gala or wedding, you will needto wear something more formal, such as the Silver Silk Jacquard Bow Tie fromBeau Ties LTD of Vermont. Its classy and perfect for any ritzy event you needto attend.

Casual Setting

Many men like to wear a necktie with a pair of jeans and abutton down shirt for a casual day at the office, a date or for whenever! Whenyou want to achieve this look, you need to wear a necktie that is not too overpowering and definitely not too formal. You do not need to wear one that issatin or silk because you are not trying to achieve an elegant look. Insteadyou are going for more of a stylish, but casual feel. Try the Blue CheckedPlaid Tie by Guess for a fashionable look. It's clean, fresh and extremely laidback, but is still very stylish.

Work Apparel

Some men have the luxury of not having to wear a suit andtie everyday for work, while others may not even have a casual Friday to wear apair of jeans. If you work in an office, chances are you need to lookprofessional, which means your necktie needs to go along with that flow. Thekey is to keep the tie professional but to liven up the rest of your attire. TheGator Polka necktie from Beau Ties LTD of Vermont is fun and fearless, but alsostill formal enough for the work setting. The Luxury 7-fold Italian Silk SatinBotanical Tie from Paul Fredrick is also a great choice for the office,especially when you are in and out of meetings all day. It is classy and alsovery fashionable.

Men's neckwear can come in many forms and each one isnormally best suited for a different occasion. When you need formal, opt forsilk, satin or a bow tie. If you are in a relaxed setting, go for plaids andpolyester. Have fun with your neckties and get something a little ore funky. Thereare so many choices, so make one that is perfectly suited for you and the tone.

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