The global recession has taught the IT world to strike the economical balance by optimizing their hardware, software, tools, hosting environment and services to render highly acceptable, dynamic, speedy and flexible support to the business to help them sustain, survive in one of the most difficult economic situations and still continue to create competitive advantages in market place.

Although in global recession the IT organizations primary objective is to keep the lights on, it is not stopping them to look at other innovative approaches of using process automation, virtualization and cloud-computing to leverage from best available technology to address the highly dynamic, and volatile business needs. Such innovative approaches are meant for reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as well as cost of operation and maintenance (OPEX) of IT functions drastically in a break through manner. As a result business dynamism, cost and technology is driving the next generation of IT services to be delivered.

The world is becoming service centric and each of the IT component such as application, tool, storage, server purchased by the enterprise will need to demonstrate its value against the business dollar spent on each of them. Just in time service with lightening speed accompanied with enormous amount of elasticity is what business is expecting from IT to deliver from now onwards.

Cloud computing is a logical evolution and innovated version of Information Technology delivered from a popular web enabled (Internet based) world to the entire business world and social community. In its nascent stage, cloud computing addresses the emerging need of Hosting, Managing and Delivering (HMD) software, application, platform and infrastructure in ever needed service format that too on the basis of consumption or usage. Most fascinating part of cloud is that, organizations can pay to cloud vendor on a pay as you go basis or pay per user or pay per transaction.

With such a wonderful means of delivery without asking upfront any investment, it would not be surprising if there are big game plans already under way by Cloud Vendors to make cloud computing environment viable for every piece of technology, application, tool and hosting environment in an integrated and secured manner. The biggest Unique Selling Point (USP) of cloud computing is traded on the basis of its ability to quickly respond to demand spikes and host new business application faster without the need of internal IT department. The mind share of IT world is towards separating applications and services from the underlying infrastructure so that IT departments can be more flexible in supporting the business

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The author is electrical engineering graduate, working as practice Head in Mahindra Satyam in corporate solution group. He has over 11 years of experience in different capacities primarily in the areas of Program and Projects Management, Focused Initiatives, Global Business Delivery, Quality and IT Consulting, service offerings, resource management, mentoring and training. He is certified PMP, CQA, ITIL, CMM, CMMi, PCMM, ISO9001, Tick-IT auditor.