It's boom time for garment industry! 'Clothing one among the three basic needs of human species'. This basic need is transitioned into a demand when it is directed to a specific type of clothing. Fashion demands are the driving force behind garment manufacturing units. The term 'garment processing' may be perceived as preparation, dyeing, printing and finishing operations performed on apparel that has been fully made and is ready for sale immediately after these operations.

The garment processing has gained overwhelming popularity due to its acceptance of distressed and worn out look in the Fashion World. Thus, the exports of garments from India are scaling new heights day by day.

Why Garment Processing?

The exports of garments from India has created a very healthy atmosphere for the growth of garment processing in our country. Fading of particular portions, distressed or worn out look, stone wash soft handle can be accomplished by garment processing. Garment Processing is an emerging technology, which involves first making of garments and then imparting aesthetic qualities, can be used for value addition and fulfillment of the current vogue or customer demands.

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The Author is Manager, Technical Promotion at Sarex Chemicals in Mumbai.