Earrings are an essential element of every jewellery wardrobe. Earrings are attached to the ear and equip a reflection of your personality. They are noticed for their own beauty and help to shape the contour of the face and to bring out radiant glow.

As they can do so much to enhance a womans appearance they should be specifically designed for the individual face shape, or if choosing from selection already available, they should be considered in terms of facial structure and coloring.

Not only are two face alike, but no two ears are alike. For this reason both earrings should be tried on, rather than just one. They should be worn for a short period to see if one or both is either too tight or loose. Try them on, Make sure they are comfortable. And always ensure that they match both, your preference as well as your life style.

Many pleasing facial feature can emphasized by properly designed earring. A long and thin face will be rounded by earring that are board at the base, tapering towards, and perhaps curving around the upper rim of the ear.

If the face is too round a concentration on vertical shapes and line near the face will help to minimize the roundness; but you must also consider the neck. If the neck is short, long vertical earring or chandelier will enhance the neck length. Drop earring will tend to the accent rather than minimize the short neck feature. Earring should be worn as close to the features as possible to help break the appearance of roundness. Round button type earring should be avoided, as they are apt to add an appearance of fullness and accent to the round shape

A heavy chin be counteracted by earrings with an upswept look and accented with color. A large nose calls for a large design to balance it. A woman with a large-than-desired nose should avoid upswept and backswept earring that follow the line of the lobe.


The slender and petite woman is most flattered by earring with an airy appearance by using pieced metal or wire work, which creates a lacy and delicate appearance.

Since the earring is worn in such close proximity to the face, the use of color is especially important. Colors used in earring should be flattering for they will reflect and shed their glow upon the skin.

A pallid complexion can be brightened by the appropriate earring, consisting of colored stone. Bold colours will lend drama to the face, and can be effective for both day and evening wear. Almost any colour will be flattered by the soft red of rubies and the sparkles of diamond

Ear lobes should be analyzed in term of overall size and shape. It should be noted whether the lobe is attached directly to the chick, or whether it is curved and divided forming a loop at the bottom.

The main aspect is to determine the placement of the fastening device (sully clip or French screw back which includes the area of an ear that is large enough to hold the fastening device. Securely and the approximate centre of a gravity of the earring when it is in place. If the centre of gravity of the earring is not established properly, the item may tend to flop or pull the lobe out of shape.

When the working with pierced ears the placement of fastening on the ear itself is already established, the point where the fastening is placed on the earring must be considered. For the placement if fastening on the ear will determine where the earring will park when place. This point of placement where must be thought of not only in term of its appearance on the ear, but it must be situated near the centre of gravity, so that the earring will not tilt from the desired position.


Today men are also fascinated with jewellery, earlier they were not fond of wearing jewellery to adorn themselves. They would just seek themselves to wearing watches, chains & rings. However, this situation is true years and years ago.... before, men would not want to be too stylish with jewellery, today they like to wear a heavy necklace or sophisticated bracelet stylish earrings, cufflink, tiepins.

Presently things have changed. Men are now interested to jewellery- both in collecting and wearing them. Many men simply like to wear one or two earrings. They have a choice between studs or hoops to enhance further the trendy style of their look. Not only Gold or silver they also prefer metal earring or stud also. They will not have to worry about the durability of their jewellery because for sure their metals will keep them active as long as they wish.


Once again it is important to study both ears, since thy may not pierced in the same relative position. You can choose your earring elegant, button style, or ultrafashionable, rich textured round, dome, or a pair of classic hoop earring these can be twisted, slim or chunky, sophisticated or casual. You can match your earring selection to the outfit you are wearing, the place you are going to, the occasion you are celebrating, the mood you are in, o even your eye color. More importantly, you will have fun and enjoy wearing them.

It will add style and meaning to your every gesture and it will express your individuality too.