The art of swifting the warp and weft in a precised and systematic manner is called weaving. India and its weaving history dates back to the Mohenjadaro civilisation where cotton textiles and weaving looms find its prominent and strong presence. With all the swifts after the British colonialisation and then the world war and Industrialisation, textiles has taken its full profile. Unlike the conventional form, weaving and its technical dimensions are gaining newer vistas to attract customers and also to take India globally: All credits to weavers and designers for their magnificient works.

Everyday remarkable and appealing stuffs glitter in the shops all in distinctive designs in matchless hues and shades. So wats new?...many on the ramp and on a brief way its all epigrammatic for the delight of our eyes.

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The author is associated with Department of Textiles and Clothing, Avinashilingam University for Women, Coimbatore