Velvet... A luxurious fabric with an exclusive history, was, once available only to the royal and the wealthy, leaving the masses in awe of untouchability, a pièce de résistance.

Velvet is a flattering fabric that absorbs light into its deep and rich hues. The smooth texture and sheen of the fabric makes it an undoubted choice of the royal class. A very expensive fabric among the luxury goods, this fabric has been pampered in many countries throughout the centuries. Though it is generally believed that velvet owes its origin to ancient Kashmir, controversies exist regarding the origin, and existence of the fabric. Archeologists observe proof of ancient Egyptians using a fabric which has techniques similar to the production of velvet.


Velvet is made from different kinds of fibres. This fabric is woven on a specialized loom, cut, and then sheared to create a lavish finishing. The fabric is woven on a special loom which weaves two pieces at the same time. They are then cut, and two lengths of fabric are wound on separate rolls. One of the most expensive, and lavish fabric, velvet is made in a variety of types from crushed type to common upholstery. It can also be blended with various other fibres to produce appealing fabrics. The magic hues produced by dyeing the fabric make velvet infamous with nobility. From the mysterious black, to the showstopper red, and purple, alluring shades are produced by dyeing the fabric precisely.

During earlier period, making rich fabrics such as velvet was rare as fabrics were mostly made of cheap fibres using simple flat woven technique. So, the richness of the material and weaving techniques of velvet made it an exclusive fabric. With the passage of time, new methods overtook conventional techniques, and new materials and processes were used in fabric making.

Velvet Home Furnishings:


The durability and richness of velvet fabrics make it an ideal choice for home furnishings. Sumptuous beddings, draperies, cushions, and upholstery are made from cotton velvet. These fabrics give a ravishing look for upholsteries improving the ambience of the room Rustic home furnishings such as drapes, table cloth, window curtains, furniture covers, lampshades, wall accessories, bed spreads, cushion covers, and many more are made from velvet fabrics.

Pageant Of Velvet Apparels:


Velvet is traditionally regarded as a fall fabric. But, in the current trend, these fabrics are no longer related with winter season alone. Various apparels in velvet are dominating the fashion apparel segment. A velvet blazer with a pair of matching jeans will enhance the velvet repertoire of the wearer. Skirts, pants, shawls, capes, blouses, and many other outfits are seen in the market. Apart from costume, fashion accessories such as purses, shoes, scarves, hats, and gloves in velvet add glamour to any outfit. Leggings in velvet such as stretch stirrups will give a stylish appearance and also keep the legs warm.

Designers have revitalized the fabric with glossy colors, graphic splicing, and pretty burn-out effects. Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, and Proenza Schouler provide the apt inspirations for lustrous cocktail dresses. Blends of silk and rayon with velvet fibres is used for making flowing dresses emphasizing its soft drape.

Velvet fabrics are admired timelessly. A fabric that was once associated with royalty and reserved only for the elite classes is now available for the common masses at affordable prices due to modern manufacturing methods. With unmistakable luster and beauty, velvet fabrics have earned a place in the textile segment as one of the finest and beautiful fabrics for both the royal and common classes.