Dwindling resources put need to your benefit is an article that describes how energy costs are incurred and how with simple means and methods maximum energy utilisation can be achieved through the use of innovative technologies in traditional finishing processes. Drier configurations, minimum application processes, measuring and control technology and fabric examples are described.


Discussing dwindling resources is no longer relevant today. No matter how alternative energies are generated, we have to use less energy more effectively. The parliamentary state secretary at the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology, Dagmar Whrl, said during the opening of a congress last year: "Energy is the motor for economic growth and development worldwide. The conservative use of energy and raw materials is not only a major factor for climate protection, but also and more particularly an important competitive advantage for companies and national economies. Using resources efficiently allows you to produce more cost-effectively than the competition. The awareness that the best energy is the energy that is not used is gaining more and more significance, particularly in the light of the ever-increasing energy and raw material prices."

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The Author is associated with A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KGonchengladbach