Innovation is a key factor to operating successfully in any market. Within the textile industry, the challenge for companies today lies in bringing to market a stream of new and improved, value-added products, in order to strengthen existing product lines, and diversify into new areas. Technology represents one critical route in doing so.

In manufacturing industries, final goal that everyone strives for is to make completely automatic machinery that takes in raw material on its one end and delivers finished product from the other end. Although the cotton spinning is among the relatively modernized industries, it comprises of numerous processing stages making it far from the final goal mentioned above. But, recently, with the advent of high speed and automatic machines a continuous and automatic production became feasible by connecting these machines in series.

In yarn producing technology in textile industries RING FRAME is one of the most important component. During the last two decades components of ring spinning machines have been greatly improved, changes in drafting system, drive systems and robotics have enabled large gains in productivity, flexibility and quality. Most of the technical advances in ring spinning were aimed at improving the performances on the existing technology. These are all achieved by the AUTOMATION.

So, this paper will explain much new technology in the ring frame over the spinning industries.

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The author is with K.S. Rangasamy College of Technology